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October 2013


Obamacare’s error message is a pre-existing condition

Welcome to those of you unintentionally redirected here from the Obamacare website.* How ya doin’? The family? Wanna play Angry Birds? Click “Like” if you sense our progressive acquaintances jumping off the derailing train. Oops, there goes former Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz.

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At first there was nothing, and then Blaska blogged about it

The Smithsonian magazine arrived at the Stately Manor today. My feckless manservant, Ruben Mamoulian, had already removed the insert cards as instructed. Those cards annoy me so. The November issue chronicles 101 objects from “the nation’s attic” deemed especially evocative of this great nation’s history. One of those items (which include the last passenger pigeon, stuffed, and a Barbie doll) is Neil Armstrong’s lunar-landing spacesuit: “21 layers of synthetics, neoprene rubber, and metalized polyester film.”

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Good Jobs First does a good job snowing a (usually) good reporter

The Blaska Policy Research Center and Tanning Salon is a nonpartisan think tank housed in the dank and cobwebbed basement of Stately Blaska Manor. It is nonprofit and regrettably so. (Bradley Foundation donations gladly accepted.)

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Soglin proves no enemies on the left, only co-conspirators

Imagine the mayor of a city welcoming into his town a man who tried to kill police officers, elected officials, and the men and women who serve in our military. That is what the mayor of Madison, Wis., did last week in welcoming the unrepentant bomber Bill Ayers. Remember that, Madison police officers and Dane County sheriff’s deputies. Remember that, property owners and civil libertarians alike.

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Our Miss Burke was created in the la-bore-a-tory

Is Mary “I make no promises” Burke the shrink-wrapped candidate? Yes, and much less. The Democrat(ic) Party’s handpicked candidate for governor is the paint-by-numbers, cue-carded, pasteurized and polyunsaturated, gluten-free, focus-grouped candidate.

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The Further Misadventures of Our Miss Burke

Let’s say you are a Democrat, a liberal, Progressive Dane, a unionista, a Solidarity Singer, a Raging Granny, a vuvuzela virtuoso. (You have my sympathies.) Imagine the following scenario.

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Madison library system lays a bomb

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is coming to Madison on Thursday to bask in the acclaim of a populace suffering from Walker Derangement Syndrome. Ayers is deservedly infamous for taking part in the bombings of the New York City Police Department, the U.S. Capitol building, and the Pentagon as a key member of the radical group the Weather Underground. He beat prison time only because law enforcement overstepped legal bounds.

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Please hold if you trust government with your health care

With Ronald Reagan it was morning in America again. With Barack Obama, the parks are closed, wheelchair-bound veterans are storming the barricades, the health care website is down, and what difference does it make now that the ambassador was dragged through foreign streets.

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Mary Burke comes to us professionally produced and shrink-wrapped

Did anything strike you as odd about Mary Burke’s announcement of her candidacy for governor Monday morning? Yeah, she released a three-minute video. (It’s at her website.) No press conference with Democratic nabobs and a multihued, intergenerational backdrop of gleeful supporters. No fly-around to news media markets in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Eau Claire. No sit-downs with editorial boards. No interviews with Katie Couric.

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The Squire made good use of the Packer bye last weekend

Life may not exist on Mars, but it can on a Packer bye weekend. Saturday morning last week began bright and shiny on my black, white, and chrome Harley Sportie. The ride from Madison’s southwest side to Oconomowoc was roughly 50 miles, taken for an even better 60-mile ride through the lake country and Kettle Moraine of Waukesha County in the company of other would-be weekend motorcycle outlaws.

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Day 3 of the great government shutdown — is it too late to panic?

Where is Ted Koppel when we need him? I can hear him now: “Day 3 of the Great Federal Government Shutdown.” Plagues of locusts have descended on the Great Plains. Streams are jumping their banks; cows at the World Dairy Expo refuse to give milk, and the FCC is leaving Vicki McKenna unmonitored.

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Burke in stock: Is Mary Burke liberal enough for state Democrats?

I met Mike Konopacki 30 years ago on Labor Day on the grounds of the South Central Federation of Labor. For a buck, celebrants could take a sledgehammer to a Toyota, which was then winning U.S. market share. The concept of actually competing with Japan to build better, more fuel-efficient cars did not occur to the unionistas on the labor temple grounds — only the supposed unfairness of losing in a competitive marketplace. It’s something they have in common with today’s Capitol Solidarity Singers, who lament the unfairness of thrice losing to Scott Walker’s Republicans.

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