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Nov 9, 201603:18 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Consider America pinched (if not goosed)

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Did not see that coming.

The experts were confounded one more time Election Day, Tuesday, in the biggest confoundation of them all. At least since Dewey defeats Truman.

My friend, Madison housing provider Dave Keller, messages: “Trump wins, we hold the Senate and House, pick up seats in the Wisconsin Legislature, and Cubs are world champs. Pinch me.”

For an uprooting of the old order, the comparable election in American history might be Andrew Jackson upsetting the eastern elite and John Quincy Adams in 1828. For better and worse.

On Wisconsin! No one thought we would be a presidential decider. Our state went Republican for president for the first time since Ronald Reagan handed Walter Mondale his lunch in 1984. Ron Johnson, given up for dead by his own party two months ago, easily won re-election — the first Republican to win in a presidential election year since Bob Kasten in 1980.

Our national government is now solid Republican — president, Senate, and House. Antonin Scalia Jr., whoever s/he is, will be appointed the deciding vote on the Supreme Court. The First and Second Amendments are safe.

Speaker Paul Ryan promised to “Go big and go bold,” which has been Scott Walker and his Republican legislature’s game plan.

Wisconsin Republicans actually added one seat to their majority in the Assembly — it’s now 64–35. The Senate also picked up one seat; maybe two, depending on the outcome of Dan Kapanke versus incumbent Jennifer Schilling in La Crosse. And Schilling was one of the Dems’ brightest hopes to challenge Walker two years hence. So was county executive Mark Harris in Winnebago County, who lost his state senate campaign.

Quote of the day — comes from Russ Feingold: “I don’t understand what’s going on in this country.”

Non-quote of the day — comes from Peter Barca, leader of the state Assembly Democrats. He could not be reached for comment. What could he say? What is the Democrats’ message? What is in their tool kit that still works? Free college?

Quick, more socialism

Some did see it. Tommy Thompson saw it. In Sunday’s State Journal Mitch Henck suggested, “Trump may do better than polls suggest.” Right next to him on the page, syndicated columnist Steve Chapman writes, “These days, it’s Republicans who face a nearly impregnable electoral fortress.”

Typical, however, were these Election Day headlines from Greg Humphrey’s blog (a Madison liberal I respect and admire):

“Exit Polls Show Why Trump Campaign Nervous Tonight”

“Will Donald Trump Concede Election Tonight Following Vote Count?”

Always helpful, The Nation magazine prescribes still more snake oil: “Only socialism can defeat Trumpism.” The magazine of John Nichols prophesied on Nov. 4 thusly:

It’s Wednesday, Nov. 9, and Hillary Clinton has defeated Donald Trump. Media commentators and political observers are celebrating the triumph of rationality …

Well, today it really is Wednesday, Nov. 9. Media commentators and political observers are slapping their foreheads. And socialism did again Tuesday what is has been doing nationally and in Wisconsin for four elections in a row — namely, defeat Democrats. 

Some day, even Dave Zweifel and Paul Krugman may acknowledge that Obamacare really is not popular with the people of America. You know, those Deplorables.


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Nov 9, 2016 04:06 pm
 Posted by  AnonyBob

Indulge me by allowing me to repost my comment from earlier today on your previous column:
Well, that sure sucked. I was wrong about a lot of things. Not the first time, when it comes to election results.
I'll take comfort in the fact that Trump, while ignorant and arrogant, isn't stupid. He doesn't believe half the stuff he campaigned on. It's gonna be interesting.

Nov 9, 2016 05:10 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Dave's post from Aug 8th.

"Tuesday’s primary election begins Trump’s end times".

Nov 9, 2016 05:24 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

The key to the next four years will be how Trump governs. Will he be the the racist, sexist, thin-skinned fascist that he campaigned as, or will someone knock some humility into his large orange head? He needs to act and lead as a president, not a reality show shill. Much bigger stakes now.

Will he keep any of his campaign promises? Will he toss Hillary in prison? Will he build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? Will he deport Muslims? Blow ISIS to &%$@ ? Repeal ACA and replace it with something better? Will he teach the military how to do things right? The list of promises is long, the reality of breaking those promises is great.

Dave, guys/gals like you created this situation, now you need to hold his feet to the fire. Make him follow up with promises, make us all proud to be Americans. Otherwise we will be the laughing stock of the world.

Nov 9, 2016 07:28 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Media commentators and political observers are slapping OUR foreheads.

You never like to include yourself in the groups you're eagerly part of.

Nov 9, 2016 07:36 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

You say Trump was gracious in victory? That will last until the next time Alec Baldwin is mean to him on Saturday Night Live. One prepared gracious statement read intently off a teleprompter does not erase months, years and decades of angry, spiteful, offensive deeds.

Everyone around him is doing what we would expect of them. Hillary Clinton is a great patriot and public servant, as is Barack Obama. Trump is not. He'll have to do more than get through a speech without smirking to prove it.

Nov 10, 2016 09:07 am
 Posted by  madisonexpat

Let us strive to cope with 4-5% growth in GDP.
An apolitical DOJ/FBI
A competent and accountable bureaucracy
Limited government
A budget (Looking at you Paul Ryan)
The Constitution
Remember these?

Nov 10, 2016 09:13 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

First Thing First, Nelson says, "Ha! Ha!" Next thing, Clinton is a winner she may not have won the election but all the acts known, unknown, and cover-ups she did along the way in her life in a man's world was done to give her a chance run a serious campaign for a woman president. She now has done a ton of dirty work and shoulder a huge load for future Women leaders in the country so hopefully they will not have to do the things she had to do to get that chance. The next time a serious Woman contender runs she will win because they will not have to have 45 years of skeleton's in their closet.

Trump got is one day reprieve yesterday, now the attacks from everywhere start. Now the real fun begins.

I have a feeling a presidential Pardon would make sense so we can move forward and focus on now and the future of the USA in the world.

Nov 10, 2016 11:03 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Republicans better start owning Trump. I know I eagerly look forward to pinning them with every single awful, embarrassing feat. Every single one. I don't remember a lot of Republicans claiming Obama as "our president." So excuse me if I follow suit with Trump. He's not mine. I was against him from second one, he has never said or done anything that represents my values and I will cheer whenever his xenophobic, idiotic and unsustainable policies fail to take root.

A prediction: This majority Republican government will NOT "get things done," as so many are hoping. It will be hamstrung by those who can't abide the president's tone, behavior and brand. You can't run a country when you're trying to distance yourself from a selfish juvenile.

Nov 10, 2016 12:57 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

H. L. Mencken didn't live to see his prophecy come true:

"As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."

WI was ahead of the curve electing Walker. Now that theme has gone national.

Nov 10, 2016 01:09 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

The only thing that could make me feel any better after watching the red tide sweep America and Wisconsin is if Scott Walker announces his plan to run for a third term!

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