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November 2016


Democrats’ problem: Their message IS getting through

Blaska’s Bring It! is now a sanctuary blogge. Here’s your free hug, my little cupcake. Now grow a spine!

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Les Deplorables mugged the tenured smug, part deux

Trump’s victory is the “Triumph of the angry white guy,” The Capital Times scolds. Does anyone care why they’re angry? No, because they’re all racists, Paul Fanlund says.

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Trump mugged the smug, part #1

Yes, the nation’s economic malaise may have helped Donald Trump. All those downsized blue-collar workers, the endangered coal miners of Ohio and Pennsylvania, and other forgottens confounded the pundits and pollsters. Take that, experts!

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The mourning after: ‘This is on all white people — even if they didn’t vote for Trump’

On this, the mourning after the morning after, Your Compassionate Squire wishes to address his liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances in language they can understand, the language of the 1960s.

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Consider America pinched (if not goosed)

The experts were confounded one more time Election Day, Tuesday, in the biggest confoundation of them all. At least since Dewey defeats Truman.

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Error message: Tuesday is election day

The white lab coats here at the Blaska Policy Werkes fired up Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, outfitted with new piston rings.

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Blowing the state’s revenue cap means Madison schools never have to say sorry

As the comedian Mike Myers would say, cheeky little monkeys aren’t they!

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