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November 2015


Walker wrecks Wisconsin (or not)

Wisconsin is being wrecked! Wrecked like the Hesperus. Wrecked like a 30-car pile up on the Milwaukee Zoo Interchange. Wrecked like a Syrian village, and miserably.

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Don’t question education chief Tony Evers — he is nonpartisan

Getting a fair shake for Republicans in Dane County is harder than getting a Badger touchdown call from Saturday’s referees at snowy Camp Randall.

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Radical Islam and its useful, peace-at-any-price idiots

Did we say this is a world war? Now Mali.

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Draft Paul Ryan for president

Of the current herd of candidates, I support Marco Rubio. Is it possible that the Republican nominee will be none of the above?

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All we are saying is give war a chance

Why Paris? Because Paris is the City of Light.

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Dane County gets serious about race: work groups will be facilitated

Reagan’s admonition, “Don’t just do something, stand there,” has been inscribed into the stone lintel over the entrance to the Stately Manor. Words to live by.

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‘There’s something especial about this nation’ and the Republican presidential field

The presidential debates are great entertainment. Harder than it looks (try it yourself, sometime). Important, yes, but not the whole show. I’ve got to think Bob Taft and Adlai Stevenson would have mopped the floor with Dwight Eisenhower had they debated. Neither would have made half the president Ike proved to be.

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Madison wants employers IF they share Paul Soglin’s values

Readers trying to decide who is the most anti-business, Scott Walker or the City of Madison, might linger a moment over Mayor Soglin’s hopes for the doomed Oscar Mayer plant. Chew over his quotation from Saturday’s Wisconsin State Journal.

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Jail inmates wash their own clothes? 12 days a slave!

The Left’s war on public safety continues. (Quentin Tarantino is its honorary generalissimo.)

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Everyone is a crony capitalist if it means losing Oscar Mayer

Doesn’t your heart melt to hear a small child squeal with delight? The young Squire did so when he encountered the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at a parade on Main Street Sun Prairie in the 1950s. As I recall, Little Oscar — a former Munchkin from Watertown — tossed Wienermobile whistles from his fantastic carriage.

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Obamacare makes the case for limited government

“Do not wreck that boy" is being engraved on the Blaska Coat of Arms.

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Marco Rubio appoints team of rivals

You’ll understand if The Squire of the Stately Manor is extra-special churlish this morning. Losing on the road is one thing but to be totally exposed as a second-tier team is another. We miss you, Jordy.

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