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Nov 6, 201401:25 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

After losing Tuesday’s election battle, the sore loser Left is fighting the peace

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Mary Burke’s concession speech Tuesday night was gracious and conciliatory. Too bad many of her supporters could not take a page from it. Worse, many of the supposed deep thinkers in the party — so thoroughly rebuked in Tuesday’s elections — want to double down on demon rum progressivism, the very elixir that doomed so many Democrats.

Democratic apologist E.J. Dionne advised his party to overreact. You read that right, he wants them to OVER-react:

After a defeat of this scope, the sensible advice is usually, “Don’t overreact.” In this case, such advice would be wrong. Something — actually, many things — went badly for the progressive coalition on Tuesday. Its supporters were disheartened and unmotivated, failing to rally to President Barack Obama and his party’s beleaguered candidates.

Not enough Barack Obama! Tell that to Mary Burke, who entertained the president with the underwater approval rating and his missus in Wisconsin several times.


And then there are tweets from the man who was the official spokesman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

Too many liberal-progressive-socialists don’t understand that they are Republicans’ secret weapon.

You don’t think the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka reminded Wisconsin of the Capitol Occupation of 2011? Or that AFSCME President Lee Saunders’ vow of revenge (“We have a score to settle”) reminded voters that most public sector employees paid nothing for their sweetheart pensions? Or that John Matthews standing behind Ms. Burke at Fighting Bob Fest evoked the specter of illegal teacher strikes, slowdowns, grievances, binding arbitration, and resistance to reform?

Someone tell The Corporation That Speaks as “Your Progressive Voice” that the election is over. Its editor, Paul Fanlund, tapped into a rich vein of hate to vilify Republicans as “anti-intellectual xenophobes.” The only reason they won was “by dividing.” Their campaigns are a “clown show.” Have a nice day, Paul.

Matching Fanlund’s bile with a dollop of paranoia, an online respondent groused, “It appears that a majority of Wisconsinites favor using taxpayer dollars to out source jobs over seas.”

Your humble Squire couldn’t resist responding, “Leave Mary Burke out of this!”

Unable to blame Voter ID, many L-P-S acquaintances are conjuring truly bizarre conspiracy theories, like the online savant who outed Professor Charles Franklin as a tool of the Great Conservative Conspiracy:

The Marquette University Law School poll was an effective way to discourage voting — nicely timed after Clinton and Obama’s visit.

Talk about blaming the messenger! (For the record, the Marquette Poll predicted Walker by 7 points; final results had Walker by 5.7. Not bad.)

Speaking for the State Senate Democratic Committee, State Sen. Chris Larson cast blame far and wide but skipped the guy who airdropped Pat Bomhack into the 17th District to shove out homegrown Democrat Ernie Wittwer:

… truckloads of dark Tea Party money special interests dumped into negative smear tactics, along with the GOP’s gerrymandered districts, proved to have rigged this election too far in the Republicans’ favor. The Wisconsin Republicans’ politics of fear and division has unnecessarily damaged …

And the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel — which went all-out to first bury Ms. Burke’s checkered work history and then to discredit that story when the alternative media reported it — now wants Walker to “find ways to work” with bitter-enders like Larson and “eschew divisive issues”? (The J-S also led the cheers for John Chisholm’s pre-dawn raids against the First Amendment.)

The Progressive magazine’s Ruth Conniff spoke from well within the Madison bubble:

MSNBC sent a producer from the Ed Show to Madison to cover the election, and she and I walked through the downtown, interviewing the die-hard protesters outside the Capitol building, voters coming out of a polling place at the public library, and local politicians, activists, and citizens. [Didn’t talk to the Squire.]

… “How did this happen?” one bewildered voter asked me after Mary Burke conceded the Wisconsin race to Walker last night.

Part of the answer is the network of rightwing billionaires … aided by a rightwing judge … ALEC, the corporate lobby group …

The same old ghosts and hobgoblins. What did Talleyrand say about remembering everything but learning nothing?

Wisconsin Reporter has more here.


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Nov 6, 2014 02:30 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

As much as you are a gloating winner for sure we could bet on you being a poor loser.

Had you lost, the right wing racism fountain would be overflowing with charges of buses of phantom blacks being driven from poll to poll like the Flying Dutchman.

No wait, You already did that when Obama won, so we don't have to guess.

Nov 6, 2014 02:58 pm
 Posted by  David Blaska

"No wait, You already did that when Obama won, so we don't have to guess."

Links? That's right, there are no links because it never happened.

Nov 6, 2014 03:29 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

All libs know is lying.

Nov 6, 2014 03:42 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Bile?! What do you call your Wednesday blog? That was some serious score settling, although one wonders what most of the people on that list did to you to earn it. These last few days, your blog has been full of bitterness and anger. Is that how you celebrate? I'd suggest you look to the examples of your idols, Ronald Reagan and Tommy Thompson. Those men were happy warriors. You, sir, seem to be the opposite of happy. You're the guy twirling around with your machine gun at the end of the bloody battle hoping for somebody else to blast. Probably feels good, but it doesn't look too good.

Nov 6, 2014 04:13 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Looks like Dear Leader Comrade Obama learned nothing from Obamageddon 2014 and will double down on stupid. But what else could you expect from a red diaper baby sociopath with a narcissist creamy center?

Nov 6, 2014 04:45 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Dave, I hope you can admit by now that I am not Graeme Zielinski; we have different styles.
I know you're in the middle of a gloat-a-thon bender of political victory trash talk, but take it easy there, big boy, you're gonna hurt yourself. I worry how much bile and spleen your aged constitution can handle. How much can one safely vent without popping a gasket? (Obviously, there are no better angels in YOUR nature, or in those of your fans. The modern GOP. Whew.)
Yours in concern,

Nov 6, 2014 06:44 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

The path forward for Comrade Nichols and the other nuts on South Fish Hatchery Road should be out to a quiet pasture somewhere along with Harry Reid and Barack 0bama. I hope they enjoy munching on alfalfa. No one is buying their BS anymore. Their 1960's drug induced arrogance may need to be surgically removed.

Don't get any WD-40 on Sparky's vacuum tubes. They are getting hard to find if you blow one.

Dave, not B

Nov 6, 2014 07:29 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Liberals even have to run your life by telling you how to celebrate an election victory.

No touchdown dance in the end zone for you, TEA Partiers. Dear Leader Comrade Obama and his arrogant White House Rasputin Valerie Jarrett won't allow it, so it's half rations of vodka for you.

Nov 7, 2014 06:35 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Fed with 80 column punch cards, programed in Fortran, containing storage disks the size of Elephant Man's head, and powered by a belt driven Kohler generator attached to a John Deere 630 tractor with a hand clutch wide open at 800rpm's, Old Sparky has done it again. Way to go Sparky!

Nov 7, 2014 08:58 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Dave, I just listened to you on public radio. A word of advice: Maybe don't audibly snort and gasp and guffaw while the other guest is speaking. And try not to interrupt. Sort of goes against the meme you like to try and perpetuate that conservatives don't shout down their opponents.

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