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November 2013


Meet John Doe 2: an assault on political speech

Pre-dawn raids on private homes. Imprisonment until the suspect “talks.” Orders to empty your pockets to see what we can find. No, not Putin’s Russia. But, like his reaction to Pussy Riot, Wisconsin’s speech gauleiters are convinced that someone, somewhere might be committing political speech without jumping through the authorities’ hoops.

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Why is this woman Wisconsin progressives’ worst nightmare?

Mainstream news media and online bloggers here in the Emerald City took zero notice of the special Assembly election last week in Milwaukee County. Is it because the results in the 21st District did not conform to the progressive narrative? That narrative reads that Republicans have declared war on women, that the Republican Party is whiter than lard on Wonder Bread, that school choice is a Koch Brothers plot, that Act 10 will fall like the walls of Jericho to progressive vuvuzelas.

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50 years ago we suffered a national wound that has not healed

It amazes me that so many of my associates have no memory of that black Friday in Dallas 50 years ago. They have a good excuse; they weren’t born yet. Like everyone of a certain age, we remember exactly where we were on Nov. 22, 1963. It remains the defining moment of our aging baby boom generation.

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If you don’t like big government, you can vote against it

Architects of the greatest progressive overreach since Prohibition are reeling. Tammy Baldwin is begging Scott Walker to save health care for the poor. La Crosse Democrat Ron Kind voted Friday for the Republicans’ “Keep Your Health Care Plan,” a measure the White House said would “gut” the law. The shine on Hillary in 2016 is fading with reminders of Hillarycare. Was Ted Cruz right after all?

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Threat to Scott Walker’s wife: ‘gut her like a deer’

State Patrol Capt. Dave Erwin [who had headed Jim Doyle’s security] took me aside and explained that we needed to increase security — not just for me but also for Tonette and the kids. ... “Governor, I’ve been at this awhile, and when the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, you have to be concerned,” Dave said.

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Blaska promises all-out hell if you don’t read his blog

If only I had known it was that simple! State Sen. Jon Erpenbach promised “all-out hell” if the Senate took up abortion legislation. Not just plain-old hell or pretty-bad hell or even a Paul Fanlund column. No, the Democrat went all fire and brimstone by promising All-Out H-E-Double Hockey Sticks hell! The Republican majority said, well, in that case, let’s break for the holidays.

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Dear progressive person: Who is impugning whose integrity?

Ruth Conniff brings new blood to The Progressive magazine but the same pretzel logic. Consider the newly named editor’s piece celebrating the liberal bias of Circuit Judge Juan Colas. Ruling from the Dane County bench on legislation affecting the entire state, Colas restrained certain portions of the law (we think; the ruling is as murky as a certain malfunctioning health care website). That evil Scott Walker, twice elected by the entire state, is appealing the local magistrate’s diktat, thereby earning the scorn of the suddenly law ’n order progressive.

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Dane County’s latest social experiment: race-based justice?

Dane County’s progressives are more afraid of being called racist than of being mugged. The Wisconsin State Journal, an honest source of news, led off its story this way: "Some of Dane County’s troubling problems with inequality in the criminal justice system could be offset by new initiatives to funnel more African-American suspects into special courts aimed at rehabilitation, officials say."

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Mad science: DNR tiff is latest example of educrats trying to seize more power

Early this year, a Republican state legislator wrote a law that virtually guaranteed that a single organization would qualify for a $500,000 grant to promote hunting and fishing. The grant was rescinded after the Walker administration learned that the group did not have proper tax-exempt status. More proof to Spencer Black, that most partisan of Democrats, that the Department of Natural Resources must be “insulated from politics,” as he wrote last month.

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