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Nov 6, 201308:08 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Dear progressive person: Who is impugning whose integrity?

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Blaska’s Bring It! promise: if you like this blogge you can keep it!*

Ruth Conniff brings new blood to The Progressive magazine but the same pretzel logic. Consider the newly named editor’s piece celebrating the liberal bias of Circuit Judge Juan Colas. Ruling from the Dane County bench on legislation affecting the entire state, Colas restrained certain portions of the law (we think; the ruling is as murky as a certain malfunctioning health care website). That evil Scott Walker, twice elected by the entire state, is appealing the local magistrate’s diktat, thereby earning the scorn of the suddenly law ’n order progressive:

By ignoring the courts, impugning judges’ integrity and spreading the idea that individual judges’ decisions don’t carry any weight, the Walker administration has challenged the integrity of the legal system itself.

Except that Ms. Conniff’s limber mind is capable, just one paragraph removed from the preceding, of challenging the integrity of The Legal System Itself when the local circuit court decision is heard — as it will be soon — by the state’s high court. She therefore issues this pre-emption:

As we all know, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is dominated by the same right-wingers and big-money interests that brought us Act 10.

So anything the state’s high court — also elected statewide — decides is bogus, but a Doyle-appointed local judge is Moses the Lawgiver. Mzzz Conniff’s piece is entitled “Pushing back against Republican lawlessness,” which is ironic, given the attempted shutdown of state government promoted by her magazine. Not just the Siege of the Capitol but more extreme measures. The lady’s predecessor, Matt Rothschild, infamously urged, in the June 2011 number, that the unionistas “make Wisconsin ungovernable.”

Got socialism?

(*Void where prohibited by law. No warranties express or implied. Subject to availability. Product may not resemble photograph. Have you flossed lately?)

Of course it matters!

Now with Marquette University Law School, here is former education reporter Alan Borsuk in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The way kids dress, the way they walk in the halls, the language that is permitted can have real impact on the success of a school. High standards on those fronts and high standards in academics go hand in hand ...

On the other hand, I’ve heard from teachers that in their schools, crude language is just a routine part of the vocabulary ... [but] the voucher schools in general are more conservative in their behavior codes than public schools. ... A large portion of them require students to wear uniforms, in a few cases even ties and blazers, and to follow strict rules on such things as language. It turns out a big reason parents turned to the private schools was because they wanted more tradition, not less, more limitations, not less.

Yes, outward appearances have a way of working inward.


Nov 9, 2013 08:54 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Nancy Pelosi is a virus, so it was your TV's antivirus that wouldn't let her face through.

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