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May 6, 201611:25 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Trump doesn’t want us anyway, so let’s return the favor

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We loves us them Hispanics. Look, we’re eating a taco! The bottle of mayo is in the kitchen sinko.

Even Alice would have freaked out if she had fallen through this year’s political looking glass. Of one thing we can be certain: this funhouse mirror ride ain’t over yet.

Donald Trump is not the Republican nominee for president; he is the presumptive nominee — and that presumes a normal process, which 2016 most definitely has not been.

Trump doesn’t even want my kind. Good luck with beating Hillary.

Trump told NBC’s Today show audience that he didn’t need to unite the whole party. According to The Daily Wire, “Those in the GOP who have dared to be critical of the real estate mogul can all go take a hike. Trump did have the courtesy to welcome his critics back, though, after his eight-year reign in the White House, of course.”

“I am confident that I can unite much of it. Some of it I don’t want.” The prickly narcissist whined, “There were statements made about me — those people can go away and maybe come back in eight years after we serve two terms,” he said. “Honestly, there are some people I really don’t want.” (Source here.)

Golly, did JEB! or Jim Gilmore disparage Trump’s family? Did Kasich claim daddy Trump was on the Grassy Knoll that November day in Dallas?

Paul Ryan sets some standards

We’re in good company, us wanderers in the desert. Paul Ryan is third in line to the presidency and the nation’s highest elected Republican, chosen by the Freedom Caucus. He’s no RINO. He IS Republicanism.

“We will need a standard-bearer that can unify all Republicans, all conservatives, all wings of our party. … Our nominee has to lead in that effort. … Now that we have a presumptive nominee who is going to be our standard-bearer, I think it is very important that there’s a demonstration that our standards will be beared.”

It sozzles Old Sparky’s threadbare circuits that true-believing Trumpbots believe their hero is “taking on the establishment.” This pay-to-play billionaire contributed hard cash to the Clintons while Ted Cruz was trying to shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. Trump IS the establishment.

Your Humble Bloggeur, alternative Republican convention delegate to the stars, does not demand ideological purity. A little Trumpian flexibility is virtue, not vice. I don’t need to shut down government over Planned Parenthood. Maybe the Trans-Pacific trade pact IS garbage. Fair enough. Policy matters but so does character.


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May 6, 2016 11:41 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

This is what democracy looks like!

Ain't karma beautiful

Maybe Blaska and Madisonexpat should get married.

Trump 2016 - Boom!

May 6, 2016 11:54 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

What? Just ... what? Do you really think a third party candidate gives you any chance of stopping Hillary? What current Hillary voter is going to switch allegiances to support a third party conservative candidate in the mold you're suggesting? What Bernie supporter will support a conservative? What Trump supporter will decide to dump the guy they've backed all along and admit it's just been one big joke, but now it's time to finally get serious?

And who the hell is that third party conservative candidate that everyone can rally behind going to be? None of the former GOP candidates showed they have the mettle. Gary Johnson? Cute thought, but that ain't happening either. Sorry, pal. You can think this Trump phenomena isn't indicative of the direction the Republican Party is really going, but a goodly amount of those Trump voters who so vociferously support the guy were voting R well before Trump entered the fray. This is the monster you guys created. And a lunatic like Ted Cruz certainly isn't any better. It's early, but history might just remember this moment as the GOP's Waterloo. Here's hoping!

May 6, 2016 12:37 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

This had nothing to do with Karma, it has everything to do with a loud mouth east coast rich man that was able to get free press by spouting crap. The press gave him all the free time and publicity because of course they want the worst human being possible running against Clinton to make her look like a great consolation prize.

Trump is from the east coast, where your high priced lawyers and union payoffs get things done in the real estate business. Where you have to support Democratic candidates for crony capitalism or else nothing will ever get done.

Both sides have absolutely 2 awful people that are the presumptive nominees.

I just will not vote for a president this time. But I will be buying as many firearms and bullets as possible because if Hillary is elected, the 2nd amendment will be over.

May 7, 2016 10:10 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Trump's rise shows how woefully lacking in performance of establishment Republicans has been. The men behind the curtain have been exposed. Oz has fallen.

May 7, 2016 01:49 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Hey,why limit ourselves to three parties? Will Bernie's rabid supporters enlist in Evita's cause? Especially if she never gets out from under her about-to-be-indicted cloud? I see the Bernistas creating a fourth column to really mix things up. Yes, Paul Ryan is pledged not to ask for nor accept his party's nomination, but... what if he runs as a newly created Conservative Party candidate? If he and Trump can't be reconciled (and for the sake of our country I hope they won't) I would support Paul or another reliable conservative's effort under a third party banner. Problem solved! Oh, yeah...the actual election...under this scenario, no one gets a majority of electoral votes and in the final, Constitutionally sanctioned showdown, each State gets just one vote. Just think, Utah and Tennessee equal to NY and California. Advantage: the true conservatives. "And thus was disaster averted," it will be written.

May 7, 2016 02:15 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Go ahead and make a risible fuss, DB. Get on the ground and stomp your feet while pounding the floor with your hands. Won't do anything to help fix this mess that all of your favorites, including the Freedom Caucus, created. New GOP slogan: My way or... well, or nothing!

May 8, 2016 01:24 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Blaska will vote for Trump...unless Blaska is actually the sort of realist who understands; despite his frequent whining about the Clinton's close relationship with Satan, that ex-Goldwater girl Hillary is a conservative friendly status quo candidate who's actually well to the right of George HW Bush. If Blaska is smarter than he looks (or writes), he will have noted that Hillary full on filched Goldwater's campaign logo as a signal to the real owners of our country that she knows how to play ball.

I know JEB bush has been posing with those "Conservatives for Sanders" people, but you kind of know he'll be voting for Hillary along with the rest of his godforsaken kin. Relax Blaska, and pull the Hillary lever.

May 9, 2016 10:31 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

There simply isn't enough popcorn in the world. Keep shining up bedrock principled Paul Ryan, your dreamy savior, then watch in shock as he inevitably bends to kiss the Don's short-fingered ring. Self-made Johnson has already shown him how. Then who do you turn to to carry the flame of conservative honor? Oxymoron..... I know.

May 9, 2016 01:25 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Those lining up behind Trump this week are like a who's who of Blaska favorites: Palin, Walker, Johnson (The Donald and the Ronald!!!)

May 10, 2016 08:43 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

you forgot Bob "creepy" Dole

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