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May 2016


The road to the White House has four lanes to perdition

In today’s Wisconsin State Journal, National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg posits a four-way race for president. The Blaska Policy Werkes has been predicting the same for several months now. Admittedly, this may be a case of wish being father to the thought.

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Alds. Phair and Cheeks: Put the crayons away and hire more police

Madison cannot solve its crime and quality of life issues until it overcomes its progressive blind spot on race. My “white privilege” is not littering the parking lots of Madison with chalk body outlines.

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Our foggy mountain motorcycle breakdown in the Smokies

Squire Blaska has returned to the Stately Manor. Kickstand is down, brain bucket is off.

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Who is killing the young black men of Madison?

Who is killing the young black men of Madison? May we rule out the police? Madison police suspect gang warfare is behind three “hit jobs” and three dead bodies in three Madison locations in the last three weeks.

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Will Trump ruin himself before he ruins the nation?

George V saw trouble in his firstborn son, Edward, Duke of Windsor, a womanizing playboy. “After I am dead," the old king said, "the boy will ruin himself in 12 months.”

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Say goodnight, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin will inject herself into Wisconsin politics like Churchill’s infamous plague bacillus in an attempt to dumb down voters in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.

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Trump doesn’t want us anyway, so let’s return the favor

Even Alice would have freaked out if she had fallen through this year’s political looking glass. Of one thing we can be certain: this funhouse mirror ride ain’t over yet.

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The long Republican hangover begins now!

Like air traffic controller Lloyd Bridges in the movie Airplane, your Humbled Squire picked a bad day to quit huffing glue.

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Out-of-touch UW professors gin up votes for Donald Trump

The UW–Madison faculty today is casting a vote of no confidence in the Board of Regents and UW System President Ray Cross.

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