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May 21, 201501:02 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Shooting nine politically incorrect questions at troubled neighborhoods near you

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Ed. note: This article has been updated to correct an error from an earlier version.

We welcome the Wisconsin State Journal’s interest in the gun battle raging in the city of Madison — 35 separate incidents since April 1 and the weather has yet to really heat up. Law-abiding residents are hitting the deck to avoid the crossfire — inside their own homes! They’re making plans to send children away for the summer as Londoners did in 1940 when preparing for the Nazi invasion.

Most of the shooting has occurred on the southwest side of town in distinctly troubled neighborhoods — the product of gang warfare. (Story here.)

Allow your politically incorrect squire to pose the questions the State Journal fears asking. Unless otherwise indicated, these questions are directed to Brandi Grayson, M (no punctuation) Adams, and the cadres of Young, Gifted and Black. If you need to route these questions to Al Sharpton first, we’ll understand.

  1. Do you still want police out of “your” neighborhoods?
  2. These shootings, are they “crimes of poverty”?
  3. Would police be justified in returning fire if fired upon?
  4. Do you still demand police wear body cameras when talking to informants?
  5. Would releasing 350 jail inmates — black only (as you have demanded) — help or aggravate the shooting?
  6. If, as you like to say, black lives truly matter — as all lives do — what is Young, Gifted and Black doing to prevent another Karamee Collins Jr. from being gunned down at age 17 by rival gang members?
  7. This one is for the Rev. Jerry Hancock: Given that the shooters are (by definition) armed, do you still think police should go unarmed?
  8. To Alders Marsha Rummel of Progressive Dane, and Matt Phair and Maurice Cheeks of the southwest side: Are you going to demand that Meadowood neighborhood activist Dave Glomp be appointed to your police procedures review committee? Or is he the wrong gender, race, politics, and age? Not fit your (ahem) “profile”?
  9. Essay question: In general, what’s the greater problem — Madison police or Madison crime? Discuss among yourselves.

Please, no more free stuff

I debated John Nichols on Wisconsin Public Radio Wednesday morning, re: the upcoming U.S. Senate race. (Podcast here.) Comrade John says the issue in RoJo v. Feingold, The Rematch will be whether Wall Street controls America. I countered that the issue will be how much more government can America stand. The last six-plus years have seen a quantum growth in government overreach: Obamacare sank the government’s fangs into one-seventh of the nation’s economy, Stimulus #1 and Stimulus #2, Cash for Clunkers, and the automobile bailouts.

Sure enough, John’s next post at The Nation: “Bernie Sanders Has a Plan: Tax Wall Street and Make College Free.” Bernie’s stone even kills a third bird: income inequality. You have too much money, we have too little. We’ll just take some of yours and call it even.

College, free? Whee! But what, exactly, is the value of something that is “free”? As is the custom with our liberal-progressive-socialist friends, no comments allowed! For that reason, I will not link to the piece. You can find it if you want it.

Another odd point: The 600,000 participants (including active employee contributors and pensioners) in the Wisconsin Retirement System want Wall Street to succeed. As does everyone who relies on mutual funds for some part of their retirement income. The WRS sings for its supper in the real world of the economy; the system earns three-quarters of its income from investments in stocks and bonds, aka Wall Street!

John is always … he asked about Number One Son. That is appreciated.


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May 21, 2015 01:48 pm
 Posted by  David Blaska

Bonus un-PC Question #10: Is bad parenting wrecking our public schools? Read Pat Schneider at The Capital Times.

May 21, 2015 02:05 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Your first paragraph has a glaring error which UNDERSTATES the number of incidents year to date. The recently thrown-around number of 35 was reported on May 17 as being the count from "the beginning of April" -- about 6 weeks' worth, not from the beginning of the year.

As I remember there were numerous similar incidents earlier this year in January, February, and March (including the West Towne food court shootout), and I think there have been 2 or 3 more recent incidents since the "35" number was reported on May 17.

God forbid, but if/when some child playing in their yard (or sleeping inside their home) gets critically injured or killed, will there be protests and a demand for change from the usual suspects? I won't hold my breath.

May 21, 2015 03:53 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

60% of the crimes in Chicago involve guns bought in Wisconsin or Indiana- (see Chicago Tribune) nobody seems to be looking into why- and whether there is a link to our current level of gun violence- whether or not it does- based on the Chicago numbers it looks like there are problems with criminal access to guns in Wisconsin.
Most changing neighborhoods in Chicago in the 1970s were followed 2 years later by major police scandals. Having lived in one of those neighborhoods I can tell you under policing (probably due to payoffs) was a key factor in the deterioration of those communities. If Young Black and Gifted was smart they would tone down the rhetoric and focus on the reforms working their way through the county that would reduce incarceration due to poverty as opposed to serious criminal activities.

May 21, 2015 04:17 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Obvious Question # 10 - Black lives only matter if a white police officer shoots them. If a young black man is shot by another young black man it's a non-issue. What's young black and gifted doing to stop / prevent these types of crimes from happening?

May 21, 2015 04:28 pm
 Posted by  madisonexpat

Not so young (their leader is a grandmother), fairly black and entitled will tell us which black lives matter most.
Time for Madison gang squad (they DO have one don't they?) to match databases with their counterparts in Chi-Towm and Milwaukee.

May 21, 2015 04:30 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous


If you were truly concerned about government outreach you would condemn all the republican sponsored moves to take control of local affairs away from local units of government and school boards. Call out Marklein, Tiffany, Vos, Nygren, both Fitz's, and their unintimidated leader, out nonresident governor. But by doing that you would have to break your code of silence. Journaist, my patoot !

May 21, 2015 05:20 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

How could any of the conservative agenda spewing narrative that Blaska has written in this blog be considered "journalism"? That's like calling Rush Limbaugh an "news anchor" (which he does on his show). Blaska's posts are becoming pretty predictable, notice he never mentioned Scott Walker's failed jobs numbers, failed policies, failed WEDC, proven pay to play politics with a failed company in Milwaukee County and failed budget continuing the downward spiral of this once great state. Nice job at keeping your head in the sand on these issues.

May 22, 2015 10:26 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

funny how we never heard about the economy or jobs numbers during the Doyle years - i'm still trying to wrap my head around how the 4.4% unemployment rate is negative for the state. maybe not so many jobs have been created in wisconsin because it's a cold misbegotten place for 6 months out of the year and businesses don't want to locate here for that reason. the 4.4% rate seems to indicate to me that most people who want to work are working. you should be happy that the republicans have their head in the sand about global warming - if Wisconsin becomes a warmer place, then maybe we would get more job creation. cheer up - climate change isn't all bad!

May 22, 2015 12:20 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Please go back to science class to understand what "quantum" means before attempting to use it in a sentence. Unless you really believe that the last six plus years have seen a microscopically tiny amount of growth in government overreach..

May 22, 2015 07:53 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Maybe the city of Madison PD could park one of these in the neighborhoods with the shootings:

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