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May 2015


This, that, and ‘deliberately creating havoc’

As the talented Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal might say, let’s talk about this, that, and the other thing.

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Walker haters got to hate; cue the vitriol

A Republican governor appoints conservatives to the UW Board of Regents and the Dane County bench. Cue the vuvuzela symphony! Liberals, progressives, and socialists are outraged. Oh my!

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Madison liberals are making the case for school choice

Can you blame parents for wanting out of our public schools? Taxpayers for balking at more spending? Republican legislators for promoting alternatives to the public school monopoly?

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Shooting nine politically incorrect questions at troubled neighborhoods near you

We welcome the Wisconsin State Journal’s interest in the gun battle raging in the city of Madison — 35 separate incidents so far this year and the weather has yet to really heat up. Law-abiding residents are hitting the deck to avoid the crossfire — inside their own homes! They’re making plans to send children away for the summer as Londoners did in 1940 when preparing for the Nazi invasion.

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Texas’ outlaw motorcycle gangs

I tell my acquaintances that I’m an antisocial outlaw biker. Gadzooks! What was that in Waco, Texas? Nine dead and 18 injured — some of them from police gunfire; 130 arrested?

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Not enough police have been killed

Today, May 15, is National Peace Officer Memorial Day, a fitting day to examine the notion prevalent in Madison that not enough police are dying in the line of duty to justify defending themselves.

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The Al Sharpton crew has set the terms of the debate and Madison is tongue-tied

Your humble squire criticized the Wisconsin State Journal for running a canned out-of-town editorial on Tuesday, the day the Dane County district attorney announced his decision on whether to prosecute Officer Matt Kenny in the shooting death of Tony Robinson.

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Nothing to say?

Today is the day Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne is scheduled to announce whether to prosecute a white Madison police officer in the shooting death of a troubled young black man.

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I am so-o-o ready for Hillary!

I found myself debating a Hillary Clinton apologist one morning on Wisconsin Public Radio, hosted by the lovely Joy Cardin. Christine Bremer-Muggli of Wausau is a founder of the “Ready for Hillary Political Action Committee.”

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Chris Rickert, hand over your laptop and cell phone this instant!

Most of the time, Chris Rickert is the Great Equivocator. He can find more sides to an issue than a diamond cutter with double vision.

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Obey the law — what chilling advice!

The Onion once printed a teaser headline: “War torn Beirut — would bombing help?”

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Mob justice at work in Baltimore, Milwaukee, and Madison

After one day of reflection, Baltimore’s district attorney declared she had heard the “voices” of the looters and protestors. She will prosecute –– on a variety of felonies –– the six police officers who arrested the late Freddie Gray.

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Dane County towns want to secede from the leftist county board

The 35 town governments in Dane County have long chafed at county control of their zoning. Now they want out. The towns are seeking state legislation to exempt them from oversight by an increasingly leftist county board.

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