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May 2014


Scott Walker will not deal with the speech nazis

What to make of the seismic Wall Street Journal editorial Wednesday warning (that word is not too strong) Scott Walker not to make a deal with the John Doe II prosecutors? It looks like a shot across the bow. Clearly, someone is talking to the discredited prosecutors, who have been beat down by three different courts: Circuit Judge Gregory A. Peterson, U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa (Richard Esenberg’s analysis here) and, indirectly, the U.S. Appeals Court for the 7th District. (Wisconsin Right to Life v. Barland.)

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Koch Brothers, beans, Patriots, and a man named Petroleum

Still getting used to the idea of just walking outside without layering up. Good grief, that was a brutal winter! Friday, the indentured servants planted five different varieties of beans: Blue Lake, Golden Sunshine, Kentucky Wonder green, KY Wonder yellow, and Roma II — the only bush. Pole beans make great use of garden space and are easier to harvest.

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Reclaim free speech from the regulators

Until last week, if you’d wanted to practice free speech in Wisconsin you would have been well advised to hire a good lawyer. Not a divorce lawyer, not a tax lawyer, nor a real estate lawyer. Not a criminal lawyer — well, maybe a criminal lawyer, too. But you needed to hire a free speech lawyer. Yes, they exist and they charge upwards of $200 an hour.

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Boycott Bratfest? Another progressive assault on free speech

Leave it to our liberal/progressive acquaintances (for they ARE ...) to do what they do best — stifle free speech. Supermarket entrepreneur Tim Metcalfe announces that he is going to have one stage for a Christian, pro-life message for his annual Bratfest over the Memorial Day weekend and today the Madison left is organizing a boycott.

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Madison School Board flouts the law in favor of teachers union

Good on Ed Hughes for questioning whether Madison’s public schools should give their unionized teachers — overwhelmingly white — the first crack at any vacancy. Doing so, he avers, hampers efforts to recruit minority teachers. Newcomers would be the first to go if layoffs are needed. Eliminating that unearned perk would be one small but concrete way to improve minority student performance.

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Run silent, run deep into the woods and fields

What a great product! It’s a wheelchair but it’s not. Instead of wheels it moves on tank-like tracks. That allows it to go where wheelchairs cannot, off the beaten path and into the wild, but silently — unlike the usual all-terrain vehicle. That’s a boon to hunter and birdwatcher alike.

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Nature calls on a Madison backyard

After one of the cruelest winters I can remember, this has been a joyous (if belated) spring. Visiting the Blaska Experimental Work Farm this week were new visitors: a bright blue indigo bunting and three rose-breasted grosbeaks (two of them male). All are related to our over-wintering and sweet-singing cardinals.

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Patrick Lucey and pro-business Democrats, R.I.P.

No one did more than Patrick Lucey to transform Wisconsin into a two-party state. He died Saturday at age 96, the longest-lived governor in state history.

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Blaska engages in blatant issue advocacy — the issue being free speech

Spring is finally here. The indentured servants at the Blaska Experimental Work Farm are harvesting the asparagus, singing simple peasant songs as they work — mainly stadium anthems from Journey, Kansas, and Queen. It is their right as Americans to express themselves, thanks to Judge Randa, so long as their expression does not deny others a right to speak also. (Time, Place, and Manner.)

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Judge Randa rescues the First Amendment from the guillotine and the gulag

Glory, glory hallelujah! Free speech survives in Wisconsin after all. The Constitution prevails. The People are free. No thanks to the majoritarian progressive opinion leaders in Madison — all of whom were silent as sheriff’s deputies descended on private homes in pre-dawn raids, the homes lit up by blinding floodlights.

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Partisan corporation says Scott Walker is a terrible person; worse, he has no charisma

There is an air of desperation at the corporation that speaks as if it were a person. Scott Walker is living rent-free inside its head. Paul Fanlund’s spittle-flecked diatribe Monday exceeds anything that Segway Jeremy or Pink Dress Guy could muster after a sleepless night in the Rotunda.

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Chocolate cake isn’t just for breakfast anymore

Ate a good, healthy breakfast of smoky links, eggs, and cheese this morning. No more groats and raisins. Not after The Wall Street Journal finds a “Questionable link between saturated fat and heart disease.”

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Low comedy in Milwaukee

So much for that Madison dialogue on race. Brett Hulsey to the rescue. In the tradition of political vaudeville, the Madison legislator and candidate for governor is substituting caricature and hyperbole for reason and dialogue. He — or his minions — will wear the white hoods of the KKK and confederate uniforms at this weekend’s Republican state convention in Milwaukee.

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