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May 16, 201307:16 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Blaska may be mistaken, but Soglin is evil

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Normally, I would have written “wrong” for “evil.” But it is the habit of our acquaintances on the Left to personalize the political. An old Alinsky strategem. Thus, is Scott Walker portrayed with little Hitler mustaches. It is why the self-righteous mobs subject the governor’s family to taunts on his front lawn in a residential neighborhood at midnight. I thought it might be instructive for the other side to try that on for size, for once. See how it fits.

Besides, I want to be able to write it while I still can. After all, Mayor Paul Soglin wants to use city government to “curtail” free speech in Madison. Is there any other interpretation? His goal is no different from the Internal Revenue Service’s vendetta against organizations that espouse limited government in favor of personal freedom. Nor are their methods that different. Just a little harassment for the good of the New Order.

Richard Nixon, welcome to the Democrat(ic) party! The Enemies List lives!

Let’s start with the IRS, the Tricky One’s favorite cudgel. Politico is reporting:

• The Internal Revenue Service asked Tea Party groups to see donor rolls.

• It asked for printouts of Facebook posts.

• And it asked what books people were reading. By way of James Taranto at The Wall Street Journal we learn that:

Some of the letters [from the IRS] asked for copies of the groups’ Web pages, blog posts and social media postings – making some tea party members worry they’d be punished for their tweets or Facebook comments by their followers. Each letter had a stern warning about “penalties of perjury” – which became intimidating for groups that were being asked about future activities, like future donations or endorsements

In one instance, the American Patriots Against Government Excess was asked to provide summaries or copies of all material passed out at meetings. …

Here in Madison, if your business membership association should, for instance, have supported Scott Walker’s Act 10, well! Don’t you think the 20 good liberals on the Common Council should know about that before they buy your janitorial supplies?

“I think it would be a good idea to know if the bidders are contributing to political efforts which go into organizations that may be lobbying for certain kinds of outcomes or working against the interests of the city,” Soglin told Patricia Schneider at TCT.

Schneider reports that Soglin “is wondering if companies supporting Republican causes would rather lobby against the city or do business with it. He’s betting that exposing such activities might prompt some companies to curtail them.” An ordinance has been drafted to that effect.

No soup for you!

Soglin has been in communication with the front office at In Business, to whom he writes:

It is unfortunate for Madison and the business community, that David Blaska does not know what he is talking about.

In a recent blog entitled “Is Paul Soglin that stupid?” [Blaska: I thought that might get his attention!] he wrote, “Paul practiced economic blackmail for a living before being elected mayor this last time.  He was bankrolled by Judy Faulkner, billionaire Epic owner, to attack WMC member companies.”

While that may make for some enticing copy, it is blatantly false. Neither Judy Faulkner nor Epic paid for WMC Watch (there is another program of a similar name), nor did the company provide work time, when I was an Epic employee.

We know that Blaska has no boundaries in attacking me, but I suggest he show some respect and dignity in writing of the role of one of Wisconsin’s most important and largest employers. I am not sure if Mr. Blaska decided to make things up, but it reflects poorly on your publication.

Four points here:

1) I am struck by how the mayor regards any linkage of his anti-WMC Watch with the billionaire Faulkner and her company, Epic Systems, as disreputable, almost defamatory. (“Show some respect!”) No, Ms. Faulkner is too important to be dragged through that kind of mud.

2) At the time Soglin was working for Epic, Faulkner directed the Janesville-based construction company building her futuristic campus in Verona to quit its leadership role in WMC. So, Faulkner was a good guess. But if Soglin says Judith Faulkner did not bankroll his anti-WMC crusade, we’ll just have to take him at his word, because ...

3) Mr. Soglin has had ample opportunities to disclose the source of the funding he received to operate WMC Watch, whose purpose was to attack not WMC itself as much as the member businesses themselves. Paul has consistently refused to disclose where he got his money, which is ironic, given that he wants the city of Madison to require organizations he disdains to do what he himself will not do to this day. Paul is a hypocrite.

4) Most chillingly, Soglin never disputes my contention that the purpose of WMC Watch was the practice of economic blackmail. Then again, Madison never heard Paul Soglin upbraid the mobs for trying to shut down M&I Bank during the Siege of the Capitol two years ago. Never climbed the bully pulpit to excoriate the obscene taunts aimed at the 14-year-old girl who spoke, bravely, at the Sarah Palin Tea Party rally. Never spoke for Care Net when it was denied low-cost community development block grants for affordable housing for indigent mothers because it was pro-life. Kermit Gosnell’s little shop of horrors had a better shot at getting those dollars.


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May 17, 2013 07:18 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Some folks on the right have been using the phrase "Not Evil, Just Wrong". I used to think that way too. But events over the last several years have shown just the opposite is true. Being wrong leads one down the path to evil. Hitler probably started out just being wrong, but he followed that path and found evil waiting for him. The left today just wants to dance on the grave of every conservative. Only then can they have their Utopia with their rainbows and unicorns.

May 17, 2013 12:17 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Look how leftists used such information about political contributions by individual employees to protest, boycott and generally harrass their private employers during the Act 10 uprising. This is a chilling exercise of government tyranny. Not unexpected in Madison, but disappointing nonetheless.

May 18, 2013 10:25 am
 Posted by  madisonexpat

This is the logical result of political correctness which exists to limit free speech and consolidate power to those who will tell us what is correct....... for now.

May 20, 2013 07:45 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

In the last blog Blaska stated information as if they were facts, Soglin states Blaska lying and has no facts. Blaska now says Soglin communicated in writing and includes a few sentences in a blog entitled Blaska "may be mistaken", but based on the last blog, one wonders about Blaska's and the In Business Magazine integrity and credibility of sharing facts. Blaska doesn't know if he was mistaken or even lied about facts? Interesting that Blaska is unable to even actually admit he lied (only uses "mistaken" and never actually refers to his "mistake", which makes one wonder how many other times has he lied about things in his blog.

Blaska has again shown that libertarians love to "tell stories" that may not be at accurate and obviously no facts behind them, proving that Libertarians/Tea Party have a tendency of lying enough that they start to believe even there own lies. I hope In Business sees what Blaska is doing to their magazine's reputation.

Looks like it is time for IB to take Blaska off their payroll.

May 20, 2013 04:05 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Please hold your breath until that happens.

May 21, 2013 06:55 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

The distortions do not end. Blaska, confronted with one falsehood creates another. When corrected by my last note to you, he replies:

"At the time Soglin was working for Epic, Faulkner directed the Janesville-based construction company building her futuristic campus in Verona to quit its leadership role in WMC. So, Faulkner was a good guess"

That is an outright lie that any fact-checker knows. I left Epic in the summer of 2007; In the spring of 2008 I was no longer working there. Thankfully responsible business and government leaders in Dane County do more than guess.

Paul R. Soglin
City of Madison
210 MLK Jr. Blvd
Madison, WI 53703

May 21, 2013 09:58 am
 Posted by  coolkevs

Mr Mayor,
I would rather you address what started Blaska's missives to begin with - why do you find it necessary to curtail conservative voices here in Madison/Dane County? Last I checked we are 25% of your constituency - a minority - so much for anti-discrimination! Our opinions are valid just like everyone else's, aren't they?

May 22, 2013 05:45 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

If conservatives have the right to publicize people's names who signed recall Walker papers, or threaten media and other companies when their employees signed the papers, then progressives have the right to know who companies are donating money towards.

Interesting how libertarians want an open book when they want the information, but heaven forbid it when the shoe is on the other foot.

May 23, 2013 03:36 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Conservatives wanted the names on the recall forms made public so that those forms could be examined for fraud. Other than that, we didn't care who signed the form. Oh wait, we did care when supposedly impartial judges signed the recall form and then didn't recuse themselves in cases involving Walker.

"Progressives" want names public so they can harass private citizens for perfectly legal political activity.

Big difference between the two.

May 26, 2013 05:35 pm
 Posted by  ssquared

Now that we've found out Attorney General Eric Holder lied under oath while testifying to a Congressional Committee and the IRS was sicked on applicants for 501c4 approvals, the Special Prosecuters who will be appointed of investigate Holder and the IRS should provide great theater and entertainment from now until Christmas.

By then the implimsentation of Obamacare will have pissed off about 70% of the country including many large unions which will have a major impact on the 2014 mid term elections, the liberals/progressives/Democrats are gonna have a very unpleasent 18 months.

I am reserving my seat and popcorn for the squealing, yelling and crying!

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