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May 2013


All aboard the American train

I love passenger rail. That may not be politically correct for a Scott Walker fan, but I say it anyway, especially compared to the alternatives. I hate planes. You’re stuffed into a too-narrow seat with no legroom and no food worthy of the name. The fat guy in front of you is trying to force Walmart into the overhead bin and the kid somewhere in back won’t stop bawling. Flying is bliss compared to the airports, depots of dread. Everyone is a potential Tsarnaev. They pat you down, stick wands in your nether regions, force you into lines, X-ray your bags, and bark at you with badges. The full mistreatment except for the Miranda warning.

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Blaska may be mistaken, but Soglin is evil

Normally, I would have written “wrong” for “evil.” But it is the habit of our acquaintances on the Left to personalize the political. An old Alinsky strategem. Thus, is Scott Walker portrayed with little Hitler mustaches. It is why the self-righteous mobs subject the governor’s family to taunts on his front lawn in a residential neighborhood at midnight. I thought it might be instructive for the other side to try that on for size, for once. See how it fits.

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Is Paul Soglin that stupid?

Or does he think we are? Hizzoner the mayor of this One Party City has plans to ferret out vendors who might not share his political world view – but don’t worry, he won’t reward friends and punish enemies. Mayor Paul wants to assemble a database of would-be city government vendors. No, not their services, prices, and contacts – their political proclivities.

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Toasting America’s backbone: How the greatest generation of my farm family helped till the soil for all of us

She washed, ironed, sewed, canned, and cooked. She milked cows and raised chickens, geese, and ducks. She planted, hoed, and stripped tobacco; shocked grain. She was pregnant a good part of the time, bore nine babies, and stayed up with them at night when they were sick. She had the older children bring the babies out to the field so she could nurse them.

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Silence of the rabbits

Spring has arrived at the Blaska Experimental Work Farm and Penal Colony. The first stalks of asparagus have emerged, the redbud tree is budding, and the first crop of rabbits is weaning. I should have known Young Mr. Bluster was onto something when he poised outside the chicken wire protecting the experimental show gardens. Mother Rabbit deposited her four progeny on the other side of the wire, into 2 inches of leaf mold, a perfect camouflage, right under a decorative tripod – the better to deter sweeping hawks.

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