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March 2016


The ladies take up the Cruz cause in Madison

Your anti-social, would-be outlaw biker Squire has attended a few political events in his time but Wednesday’s Ted Cruz event at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison was unique.

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The party convention will decide the nominee

In a few days, we’ll run the punch cards through Old Smoky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, to predict how Wisconsin will vote next Tuesday. But here is my prediction: Wisconsin will help produce a contested convention.

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‘It’s time we stop, children; what’s that sound?’

It is 1968, that annus horribilis. The incumbent is a lame duck. The world is aflame; America’s inner cities are burning. Hillary Clinton is Hubert Humphrey, that uninspiring establishment candidate, challenged by a Gene McCarthy figure: idealistic but ungrounded, with no chance of success.

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Madison’s trickle-down theory of education

I’m going to be sick. “John Matthews is a champion of public education and Wisconsin”? So says the Corporation that Speaks in the Progressive Voice.

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Give the towns a hand! They got local control

Imagine if Leland Pan was among those who determined the future of your rural community? Leland is the former campus radical who served on the Dane County Board of Supervisors. He’s the one who unlocked the doors of the City-County Building after hours so the Black Lives Matter hordes could run amok a year ago.

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Can America in 2016 learn from Nancy and Ron?

Retail has been said to be location, location, location (at least, before e-commerce.) Of politics, timing is everything.

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President Trump will visit you soon

Donald Trump, president of the United States, having won with 34% of the popular vote in a five-way presidential contest but a bare majority in the Electoral College (now a subsidiary of Trump University), sits down with Vladimir Putin at Trump Towers Moscow — which they jointly own. It is their first summit meeting.

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Chris Christie stars in Trump hostage video

Is there a sadder specimen than the toadying governor of New Jersey? Chris Christie, the tough-talking New Jersey governor who stood up to the selfishness of the teachers unions, is now the designated coat holder for the American Mussolini.

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