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March 2015


Madison liberals will protest the city they have created and governed

Who knew? Madison — a city governed by liberals, progressives, and socialists for the past 40 years — does not have enough regulations to contain the bloodlust of its police! At least, so those self-same rulers say.

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Write in Mike Koval for mayor of Madison

One of the great political movies of all time, ranking up there with The Manchurian Candidate and Advise and Consent, is Animal House, that 1978 classic about a ribald college fraternity.

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Madison created a Young & Foolish monster and is now afraid to destroy it

Madison has been put on notice. It will reap the whirlwind no matter how the Wisconsin Justice Department rules in the shooting death of a troubled, mixed-race 19-year-old by a white police officer.

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We need to tell our stories, if they fit the liberal narrative

To redeem the March 7 death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson, who was shot while struggling with a white police officer in Madison, “local peace activist” Bonnie Block prescribes the politics of redistribution, racial preference, and victimhood. In other words: more of the same.

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Madison’s leaders: profiles in racial cowardice

Here is a thought: If the judge had sentenced Anthony Terrell Robinson to prison for felony armed robbery last year, might he be alive today? Might he have gotten treatment for the issues (substance abuse? mental illness?) plaguing him?

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What about the police officer?

Madison has heard a lot about a troubled young man named Anthony Terrell Robinson. We have heard how he was loved by his family, how he was torn between two worlds — academic achievement on the one hand, drugs and violence on the other. Now his name is being used in a larger cause to delegitimize public order, prey upon liberal guilt, and excuse away the failures of the Great Society.

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I was wrong about those 15 minutes ...

A week ago your humble squire stated, with the self-assurance of an MSNBC talking head, that Young and Foolish had experienced its 15 minutes of fame. The opinion was formed after gang shootings off Raymond Road injured one man and more shots closed down West Towne Mall.

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Young and Foolish, ‘crimes of poverty,’ and ‘white privilege’ have had their 15 minutes

Tell us this, Brandi Grayson: Were the three shootings over the weekend on the southwest side and at West Towne Mall “crimes of poverty”? Tell us this, Paul Fanlund: Are police the problem or the solution? Tell us this, County Sup. Leland Pan: Is the county jail an investment in a livable community?

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