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March 2014


Madison remains peaceful (and inspired!) after white privilege conference

For real, I was exhausted Sunday after Saturday night’s Bo and Co.’s epic battle with the Arizona hoopsters. One point! I’d be a wreck. Wait a minute, I AM a wreck. Charles Barkley is barely articulate but manages to say more than most commentators. He got it right by switching his allegiance to Bucky and drawing up a chalkboard at halftime, with the Badgers down, that read: “Kaminsky, Kaminsky, Kaminsky.”

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That tax increase? It’s only temporary (for now)

The check is in the mail. I’ll still love you tomorrow. Barack Obama has drawn a line in the sand. Some lies are so obvious that all but a fool can see them coming a mile away. To the fools, the deceptively wise Gomer Pyle, gas pump philosopher of Mayberry, offered these words of consolation: “Surprise, surprise.”

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If Bo Ryan were coaching the weather, it would be spring

The little extra spring in our steps this Monday of an interminable winter came out of Milwaukee Saturday night when the Badger basketball team avenged the last Rose Bowl with an 85 to 77 victory over the Nike (Oregon) Ducks. At halftime, down by 12 points, this cold-weather fan but remote-control jinx was ready to switch to Netflix for a Pawn Stars marathon. But Bo Ryan did something at halftime that got his players to control Oregon, the kind of quick and sneaky team that used to eat our lunch.

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Republicans love cancer?

For two weeks, Democrats and their news media allies tried to portray Republicans as villains opposed to affordable oral cancer chemotherapy. RightWisconsin quoted one state legislator to say that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had “moved beyond advocacy journalism to outright lobbying.”

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Socialism is dead; so is Tony Benn of Britain

They are burying Tony Benn. Had to; dead, y’know. By all accounts, Anthony Wedgewood Benn, age 88, was that British specialty: the well-born eccentric, aspiring to commonality rather than greatness. As the longest-serving Labour member of Parliament, he was Britain’s Fred Risser — only more so.

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Dane County’s Rick Raemisch does solitary confinement in a Colorado prison

I’ve known Rick Raemisch for a good 30 years — not intimately, but as a friendly acquaintance and colleague. First met when he was prosecuting drug cases as an assistant U.S. attorney in Madison when I covered the federal courts for The Capital Times, then as sheriff of Dane County when I served on the County Board. Later, of course, he became Jim Doyle’s second secretary of corrections. Ironically, he was replaced by another former Dane County sheriff, Gary Hamblin, when Scott Walker was sworn in.

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Paul Ryan tarred for not repeating the same old, same old

Our progressive acquaintances are in a dither over fighting words uttered by Congressman Paul Ryan. Now, courts have long held that certain speech could be considered “fighting words” deserving of judicial notice as to time, place, and context. Ryan’s fighting words amounted to a diagnosis that government giveaway programs are causing — not curing — poverty.

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Our Ms. Burke is made to wear the scarlet D (for Doyle)

Temps in the 50s today? What are you doing reading this? Oh, I see. No, I won’t tell. The philosopher of the modern zeitgeist, George Costanza, is speaking words of wisdom, let it be, let it BE! “If you really believe it, it’s not a lie.”

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Work hard and create your own luck? What is this? America?

Seen that television ad for Cadillac? A young captain of the universe starts out in Hampton casual clothes admiring his in-ground swimming pool, strides purposefully through his California-modern house, slaps five with an overachieving daughter, hands off his Wall Street Journal to his trophy wife, emerges in a Brioni suit, and gets behind the wheel of his Caddy ELR. All the while he’s addressing his audience through the fourth wall.

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When did progressives declare war on free speech?

Was it in the 1990s, when Donna Shalala’s University of Wisconsin-Madison enacted draconian politically correct speech codes? When professors were forced to defend against anonymous complaints deposited into drop boxes for that very purpose? When the crowd routinely shouted down minority opinions without repercussion?

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Talking Oscar and God, Ukraine and Venezuela, and (not the Seinfeld) Kramer

Just some Monday morning armchair quarterbacking. Enjoyed the Academy Awards show last night. Watched the whole thing. Ellen DeGeneres is a fun presence, although I thought she wilted toward the end. Leonardo DiCaprio wanted none of her pizza. Maybe he had to get the tux back to the rental this morning.

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