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June 2013


Downton Abbey, don’t waste Paul Giamatti! Use him for evil!

Paul Giamatti, one of my favorite actors, will join the cast of Downton Abbey, it has been announced. I had sworn off the highbrow British series after it so heartlessly killed off heir-presumptive Matthew Crawley in the final scene of Season 3. (The actor decided to leave the series.)

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Vicki McKenna, friend and freedom fighter, is a perfect (13)ten

Engineers at the Stately Manor’s systems command center activated the air-chilling mechanisms for the first time this year — making it more difficult to bark instructions to the indentured field hands laboring in the lush Experimental Farm gardens, the windows being closed. We have had more rain in the last three days than in all of June 2012, when drought and 90-degree temperatures tried men’s souls.

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Free choice survives the Madison Common Council and (barely) the Wisconsin Senate

This just in: Dale Schultz can join Brett Hulsey in the independent caucus. Cue Fleetwood Mac: You can go your own way! And that way would be the highway. If I am Scott Fitzgerald, I change the locks on the Senate GOP caucus room and order 17 (not 18) new keys. You don’t vote with the opposition against your party’s annual budget and remain in good standing.

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Madison Common Council strikes a blow against the Soglin witch hunt

Color the Squire very surprised. The Madison Common Council last night defeated Mayor Paul Soglin’s assault on freedom of speech and association by an 11-9 vote. Your humble Squire spoke against the proposal at Tuesday’s meeting. Why not just throw up a banner on the City-County Building inviting conservative businesses to go to Fitchburg, Verona, or Sun Prairie? A fine thing given the city’s spiraling business reputation.

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Walker Derangement Syndrome strikes again

Does Jerry Lewis have one more telethon in him? We’ve got to cure this pestilential scourge. The professional Scott Walker haters have now latched onto the Platteville college kid whose appointment to the UW Board of Regents got yanked. To liberals, Josh Inglett is their Bradley Manning, their Julian Assange, their Cindy Sheehan. A brave martyr to a lost cause.

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All hail Mayor Soglin and the speech police

We’re about to find out who really supports free speech and who does not. The usual suspects are in a dither that the state Legislature would consider requiring a private-sector organization to quit its state-funded housing at UW-Madison. So are some of the less usual suspects, particularly Charlie Sykes. I hold that the Center for Investigative Journalism, despite its anodyne title, is a left-wing attack dog. (My reasoning here.) Pray tell, why does the center investigate only conservatives?

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Dressing a societal wound: External cues like saggy pants identify young men in trouble

Gov. Tommy Thompson met with Department of Revenue managers one morning. First words out of his mouth: “You know what impresses me the most? How well dressed all of you are.” The large room tittered at what it supposed was a witticism until the governor insisted that he was dead earnest. As I escorted the great man to another part of the building, he asked if the department’s employees always dressed so professionally, or was it in his honor? Thinking quickly, I answered, “Yes.”

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I like and admire Bill Lueders – off campus

I like Bill Lueders. I respect Bill Lueders. He is a hardworking, ethical, and usually accurate journalist. He is also as liberal as a tenured sociology professor. Bill is the star of the Center for Investigative Journalism. The Legislature’s budget-writing committee wants to kick the center off campus. The center is a privately funded outfit. One of its major benefactors is the liberal moneyman George Soros.

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Conservative legal group puts Mayor Soglin on notice for First Amendment violation

A few weeks ago, this blog took Madison Mayor Paul Soglin to task for proposing that anyone wishing to contract with the city of Madison must disclose their political donations. (“Is Paul Soglin that stupid?” – May 9, and “Soglin is evil” – May 16.) The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, headed by Marquette University adjunct professor Rick Esenberg, on Monday warned Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and the members of the Madison Common Council that the “ordinance proposed by Mayor Soglin is a blatant violation of our State and Federal constitutions.”

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Yes, Virginia, you are on my mind

On Sunday, June 2, the high temperature in Madison was 63 degrees. The high temperature! In June. This after a brutal winter that ended, oh, about three weeks ago. City street crews are still grinding through the mounds of broken branches piled curbside, felled by heavy, wet snow. The Squire is thinking about moving to Virginia, a state newly on my favorites list after a week there late last month. As the wild and crazy Czech Brothers would say on SNL, who could stop me?

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Has it really been a year since the Democratic intifada?

The Lovely Lisa and the Squire were enjoying the hospitality of Ms. Sunny Schubert and Chuck Martin at their lakeside chateau on the evening of June 5, a Tuesday that made history. In the early evening, the chattering heads were predicting a long evening. On MSNBC, Comrade John Nichols and Ms. Ruth Conniff were poised on Monona Terrace, the Capitol in the background, when the news broke at 8:49 – not even an hour after polls closed.

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