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Jul 18, 201603:19 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

The war on police takes more casualties

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I’m in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, looking down from the brand new Hilton Hotel over Lake Erie. In between, the flags at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse fly at half-mast.

After police killings in Dallas and Baton Rouge and the constant threat of Islamic terrorism, is half-mast the new American normal?

Photo credit: Billie Johnson

There may well be more police than delegates here. City cops, county deputies, state troopers, National Guardsmen in camo, SWAT teams with assault weapons, Secret Service in black suits and wires in their ears, and rent-a-cops. The Wisconsin State Patrol is here, as are other states’ law enforcement. A most remarkable sight: about 60 black bicycles in a row. Cop bikes.

Delegates literally cannot get there from here; you have to take the long way around through a lab rat’s maze of concrete barriers and metal fences. Google Maps are no help; the satellite has been silenced, is my guess.

Took our bus 20 minutes to drive five blocks from the hotel to the delegate party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and then the queue to pass the credentials checkpoint stretched two blocks. Protestors delayed some of the buses. Yes, there will be demonstrations and, by the looks of things, Cleveland is prepared for a frontal attack from ISIS, Black Lives Matter, and other extremist groups.

Even so, Republicans like cops. We are, after all, the pro-life party. You want chaos, move to Syria.

What a contrast to the People’s Republic of Madistan, where the local Black Lives Matter franchise wants to cut the police budget by almost 10%, empty the jail, and declare official holidays for drug abusing felons.

The Left’s war on police

Words matter. Few enemies of police officers are more dedicated, virulent, or mean-spirited than Brenda Konkel.

Even after the slaughter of police officers in Dallas — and now those in Baton Rouge — the former Madison alder stays on the offensive. And she is offensive.

So anti-cop is Madame Brenda that, a few years ago, the police officers union put up a billboard opposing her re-election as Madison alderman. The police succeeded, thereby ramping up Brenda’s enmity to Level 11. The madame is big with the Black Lives Matter agitators and anyone else who hates authority. She put up an online petition to discipline Chief Mike Koval. It’s being majorly trounced by Paula Fitzsimmons’ petition supporting the chief.

[The growing We Support Our Madison Police movement will present that petition to the Common Council Tuesday, July 19. Join them on the steps of city hall just after 5 p.m.!]

In Brenda’s view, the police are latent racists who shoot black people on sight. Yes, that’s an exaggeration, but not by much.

Chief Koval’s police officers, of course, are nothing like that. They are community-minded professionals, many with college degrees, many parents themselves. Our neighbors.

Typical is police officer Amelia Levett. She engages with young people of color by making crafts with them at the Goodman South Madison Library. (Detailed on the MPD website.)

Cuts no ice with Brenda Konkel. Officer Levett is still one of the bad guys, in the Book of Brenda. On Thursday, she posted on her Facebook page: “Let me get this straight, if the cops make crafts with people, and call it community policing, then it doesn’t matter if they shoot them later?”

That’s beyond snark. It is hateful and mean-spirited. Here is a young police officer doing community policing, showing our young people that police are human beings who want only to keep them safe from drunk drivers, sexual predators, spousal abusers, and the drug-runners shooting up neighborhoods. This is where Brenda Konkel turns on her situational fiscal conservancy.

“It’s hard to make the argument they need more cops when they have time for all this.”

Does Brenda Konkel want police to sequester themselves behind tinted windows in their squad cars?

This was the cue for her fellow police haters to spill bile. One Jason Huberty responded with edited images of Officer Levett’s picture superimposing “Black Lives Matter” on the paper plate craft item. He follows with another reading “Fire Chief Koval” and another reading “Ashamed to be MPD.” Jason added a picture of Officer Matt Kenny, cleared by the district attorney in the confrontation with Tony Robinson Jr., with the word “Murderer.”

Never does Brenda chide Huberty or other posters for comments like “[F-bomb] the Police” and “Abolish the Police.” To the contrary, she directs attention to them “for a giggle.”


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Jul 19, 2016 08:12 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

It would be interesting to do a public records search/request to see if any of these folks that bash the police, have called the police for help. The police Wi of course come to their aid/assistance as they would any other citizen, nut it would be priceless to have the hypocrisy out front and center.

Jul 19, 2016 10:09 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

In Blaskaland, Black Lives Matter is mentioned alongside ISIS as an "extremist" group.

Smack dab in the middle of the world's biggest bleep show happening in Cleveland, Blaska has the time to point his ire elsewhere. How is this emblematic of any dedication to truth or even of blogging about politics?

Jul 19, 2016 12:25 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

As much as it pains me to say so, I agree with half of what Brenda says about Officer Levett's foray into the world of arts and crafts (supposedly to improve cop/community understanding). It's just another liberal feelgood fantasy like after school basketball programs intended to magically transform gangbangers into model citizens. Officer Levett's heart is in the right place, but if she wants to weave baskets with minority kids, let her do it on her own time. Her on-the-job time would be better spent teaching those kids some practical lessons on how to interact with police: Do what you're told, cooperate, be respectful. Lessons that they could usefully apply to many other aspects of life.

Jul 19, 2016 05:26 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Yo, Blaska! You left out Connie Shaw's response to Gaber. What's up with that?

Jul 19, 2016 11:04 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

My children learn respect and cooperation from my modeling at home and out in the world. They gain knowledge of the world, other people, differing perspectives, and how to work WITH others BY WORKING WITH OTHERS.

THAT is a useful lesson, and exactly what Officer Amelia (what many community members call her because they've built a relationship with her by having interactions that are NOT related to crime) was teaching.

Jul 20, 2016 10:28 am
 Posted by  David Blaska

Well said, 12:25 PM, except maybe that is just what she is doing when the kids are weaving baskets.

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