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July 2016


No flags, no police widows at the Democrats’ house of despair

The news today is that charges have been dropped against the last three defendants in the political prosecution of six Baltimore police officers for the death of Freddie Gray.

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Madison Council hears that Blue Lives Matter

It was a most remarkable thing, last week’s Madison Common Council meeting. For perhaps the first time, the city’s elected leaders and many in the city itself got to hear from the people — real, actual human beings — who serve as sworn officers of our Madison Police Department.

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For this voter, it’s all about Pence, Hillary, and Scalia

The morning message from Scott Walker to delegates to the Republican National Convention here in Cleveland amounts to this: Swallow hard.

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Cleveland Republicans are what democracy looks like, I suppose

Okay, so we got rolled. I am an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. We’re meeting at the Quicken Loans Arena, where the Cleveland Cavaliers won the city’s first championship. But the delegation would not permit me onto the floor until the convention rules were enacted. Those rules bound delegates to their state’s presidential-preference primary election results.

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The war on police takes more casualties

I’m in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, looking down from the brand new Hilton Hotel over Lake Erie. In between, the flags at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse fly at half-mast.

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Dallas: fire on the police; Madison: fire the police, steal the yard signs

We now have courtroom-admissible evidence that Madison’s perpetually aggrieved will not settle for the results of the $400,000 study of police policy and procedures. The 19 of 20 alders who voted for this insult to the police officers did so on the grounds that it would buy the trust of the city’s minority community. It won’t.

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Dallas cop shooter made good on Brandi Grayson’s promise

After the Dallas massacre, we now know what the local Black Lives Matter franchise meant when it promised that Madison’s streets would run with blood.

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Giant Meteor can defeat Hillary

I'm an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention later this month. I am committed to Giant Meteor.

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Madison citizens have Chief Koval’s back

Someone tapped Mayor Soglin on the shoulder and said Madison’s elected leaders are sending out a very strong message that it’s okay to resist a police arrest.

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