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July 2015


Where government controls political speech, the speech police will play

Bill Lueders is a thorough and dedicated journalist. Can he help it if the Progressive magazine editor sees the world through the Emerald City’s liberal-progressive-socialist (LPS) lens?

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The secret vendetta is over: Free speech wins!

The last echo of the liberal-progressive-socialist intifada against Scott Walker and Act 10 is over. When the vuvuzelas and the recall elections could not undo the will of the people, the Left resorted to using the police powers of partisan prosecutors who employed the intimidation of secret investigations, pre-dawn raids of private homes, and the confiscation of political correspondence.

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My 2 cents and a $5 ‘Walker for President’ badge, if it’s not too late

I attended Scott Walker’s announcement of his presidential candidacy Monday in Waukesha. How many of those do you get to witness in your life?

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Republicans: ‘We’re going to need a bigger boat.’

Jaws, that original summer blockbuster, aired on AMC last night. Can’t believe the movie is 40 years old!

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Big city gun smoke, starring liberal policies

Smoke gets in your eyes. Thought I smelled smoke on Monday and saw fog this Tuesday morning. Wildfires in Canada. So that’s what they mean by global warming!

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Bernie Sanders' People's Republic

First, there was the Manchurian Candidate. Now we have the Greek candidate, promising that someone else will pay. Bernie Sanders brought his message of resignation, regimentation, redistribution, regulation, and rationing to The Emerald City last week. It was well received.

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