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July 2014


Liberal county board members: hold your secret meetings where there is beer!

The tightie-whiteys here at the Blaska Police Research Werkes (and Tanning Salon) remain resolutely untwisted. But good on the Wisconsin State Journal for highlighting the secret meetings conducted by the liberal-progressive-socialist super-majority on the Dane County Board.

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The Stately Manor is shovel-ready and hammer happy

The roof vents were briefly installed backwards, the prefabbed roof joists were off an inch, the yard delivered the wrong cedar siding. What would any project be without minor hiccups? The great garage (pronounced “Gay-rahj”) addition to the historic Stately Manor is proceeding nicely.

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Just say ‘hell, no!’ to cynical, Illinois-style politics

Another of those useless, non-binding, sounds-good and misleadingly worded referenda will be put on the November general election ballot.

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Who is paying ‘Anonymous’ to spam my blogge with his statist tripe?

“Anonymous” has a beef with Blaska’s brief on free speech earlier this week, wherein I beseeched the incorporated news media to speak out for the free speech of other groups of citizens, especially those whose homes were raided by the government in the John Doe II probe. I repeat his anonymous rant here.

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A free speech love letter to Dave Zweifel

Dear Dave Zweifel: I have never properly thanked you for being my editor for much of my time at The Capital Times so many years ago. Dave, you may be the most likable man in Madison (not to mention Monona). You were a very forgiving boss. You had to be, with an employee like David Blaska. But you always championed my writing and you continue to do so, I believe, by linking to my efforts here at the Stately Manor. I thank you for that.

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Just like a good neighbor … crime is your fault for not mingling

The Madison Conceit holds that good hearts can overcome the culture of victimhood, and government dependence, all of which erode self-respect, responsibility, and initiative. Show up with your extended family, no job, no housing, and no money and the mayor hisself will come get you and hook you up with all those taxpayer-paid services. (Readers from outside Madison, that actually happened!)

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