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Jul 12, 201308:35 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Who are these masked marauders?

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Can State Sen. Bob Jauch and Rep. Janet Bewley guarantee that no eco-terrorist will try to harm the employees or property of the Gogebic Taconite iron-mining site in northern Wisconsin’s Penokee Range? If not, then deterrence will do more to protect life and property than the pious palaver of the two Democrats. (“Jauch and Bewley deride G-Tac security measures.”)

The northern Wisconsin legislators, opponents of iron mining in Iron County, excuse the actions of the eco-terrorists as “unrepresentative” of the majority of mining opponents. I think we can say the Tsarnaev brothers are unrepresentative of Islam, yet their homemade bomb killed and maimed nonetheless.

Watch the screaming, obscenity-spewing eco-terrorists — all masked — harass and assault workers and tell me that they are peaceful. These are people for whom nature is supreme and human life but an unfortunate accident — but one that can be (ahem) remedied. But they will get a bye from all the usual sources, including our mainstream news media, who are still searching for some evidence of tea party militancy.

Looking for ‘sickness’ in all the wrong places

Like the reliably liberal Greg Humphrey. Greg, under the nom de plume “Deke Rivers,” is blogging once again at Caffeinated Politics, after a hiatus to write a book. His is the only liberal blog I can recommend. But, on guns, he just don’t get it. “Shooters making their own bullets” is subtitled “the sickness deepens.”


WTF!? Reloading is an old and respected hobby, enjoyed by thousands of responsible citizens. Please tell me, Greg, that you haven’t joined the Paranoid Left.

Is any state more dysfunctional than Illinois? The state with a billion-dollar public pension shortfall becomes the 50th state to legalize the concealed carry of firearms. But only under the duress of a federal court order. At the last minute. Something about violating the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The essential James Taranto at The Wall Street Journal online transcribes the querulous Chicago Tribune to say: “While gun owners may have questions about how soon they’ll be able to carry guns in public, other state residents may also have questions about where they can expect to find people armed with deadly weapons.”


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Jul 12, 2013 11:41 am
 Posted by  ssquared

It is amazing that Jauch would put politics higher on his agenda than economics.
The mine's construction and operation will be a tremendous positive effect on northern Wisconsin's dwindling economic circumstances.
Nothern Wisconsin's economy has been declining for the last 20 years and Jauch should know it since he lives in Poplar.
Geobic has said the jobs generated for the mines operatiion will be union jobs, supposedly Jauch's supporters.
In addition, Joy Global and Catapillar, both of whom's employees are unionized in Milwaukee, will be manufacturing much of the machinery needed to operate the mine.
Yet Bob Jauch ignores all this and opposes the mine.
You'd think he was taking his marching orders from environmental wacko Brett Hulsey.

Jul 15, 2013 04:23 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous


You forgot to mention the tremendous and irrevocable environmental damage the mine will cause. Or was that intentional?

Jul 17, 2013 08:20 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

It is actually surprising that more violence has not occurred up north as the larger issue in the mine dispute is the lack of protection of property rights for small rural landowners.
A friend of mine woke up one morning to find her husband dead of a heart attack during the night - a few weeks later when she went to sell the house she discovered her well was tainted by what seemed to be industrial chemicals from a plant 5 miles away.

She lost 40% of her property value when she sold - money she needed to live
on as a widow. For most of us our home and land are our biggest asset.
If you live rural and your well goes bad or dries up- it is your very expensive problem.

So that is why tempers run high on these issues as small rural property
owners rights are largely ignored. And the mine is not the only attack on property rights. In the past few years we have seen Frac Sand, loser regulations on high capacity wells and the more extreme interpretations of the Right to Farm Bill. What is probably most disturbing is the Republican attack on local control long a traditional value of the rural GOP.

Folks I know regret buying and retiring to Northern Wisconsin and increasingly rural homeowners across the state that I know are worried about the future of their property. After all who mined frac sand 10 years ago? These folks are not talking to the press but are already discouraging friends form moving and investing in rural Wisconsin.

The mine is just a symptom of a far larger problem and the continual attack on small rural landowner’s property rights and access to potable water may have unintended effects both economic and political.

Jul 17, 2013 08:39 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

It is always interesting to read "solutions" proposed by gun advocates who never lived or worked in Chicago's high crime communties as I have. Chicago's core problem is an incredibly corrupt police. And Alders who often are involved in the fencing of weapons. That said there is no lack of arms among honest citizens in the city.

The history of gun control in the city is that because of the corruption the major criminals have always gotten around the laws. Many of Capone's men carried various badges from the sherrif or otehr corrupt officials that essentially allowed them to carry guns. The Thompson submachine guin became popular because it was unregulated . When I did work with teen dropouts in the 1970's - we suddenly saw a lot of recruitment and development of underage hitmen when the way murders were handled was changed for younger teens. I expect concealed carry will just mean a lot of folks with clean records will be hired as guards for drug dealers- placed across the street to take out any problem buyers.

I can remember years ago being in a friend's store when a call came in that meant he had to leave for an hour or so. Since he trusted me he turned the store over to me to run. In the process he showed me where he kept the gun under the counter and how to use it (it is not hard to hit a target in a small cramped store). I asked him how did I tell who to shoot- he said anyone walks in with a gun or a knive draw on them.

back then since handguns were illegal to be carried that was how you could tell the good folks from the bad folks. Doesn't work any more and I don't expect at least in Chicago that we will see any drop in violence . My childhood neighborhood is now the "Bloody 100s". 2 years after the neighborhood was block busted and saw increased crime - the local police precinct saw mutliple indictments for corruption - they bascially used the integration of the neighborhood as an excuse to take bribes and look away.

Jul 18, 2013 02:30 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

While I do not agree with the so-called eco terrorists, I am amused by the republicans and their outrage, since by their own admission they were not forthright and honest about the actual environment damage to the ground water in the area. Jobs are absolutly needed in that area, but not until you consider the clean-up costs after the mine is closed. Finally, how many local residents will be employed by the operator?

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