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Jan 6, 201611:17 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

They’re white, they’re male, they’re conservative — call in the SWAT team!

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No, the federal Bureau of Land Management is not trying to force the Hammonds to sell their ranch on the state of Oregon’s high plains. The feds sought hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for setting a backstop fire to (putatively) protect their ranch from a wildfire and oh, by the way, you can sell us your ranch to settle your account while we imprison father and son for five years.

So, while the takeover of unoccupied federal buildings on the wildlife preserve is a step too far, to our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances it is (are you ready for this?) TERRORISM!

Why worry about ISIS sleepers amidst tens of thousands of Arab refugees when America is plagued with Western ranchers possessing weapons?

The national security analyst for the cable and web news behemoth CNN is in full Waco/Ruby Ridge mode. The good lady is calling for “a show of federal force.” An armed showdown “treats these men as they should be treated: domestic terrorists who are putting the whole community at risk.”

“They are dangerous, they are unforgiving, they are flouting federal law, they have a political purpose and they clearly are willing to use violence to get their way,” writes CNN National Security Analyst Juliette Kayyem. (“Oregon building takeover is terrorism.”)

Terrorism? Who have they killed? What have they burned? Looted? So, they took over vacant buildings. Were the Menomonee Indians terrorists when they took over the novitiate in Gresham 40 years ago? How about Young & Foolish taking over a major traffic thoroughfare, like East Washington Ave. earlier in 2015? (BTW: East Washington Ave. is also a federal highway.) Is Brandi Grayson a terrorist? How about taking over the state Capitol? Solidarity singers — terrorists?

Let's face it, the grandstanders at Malheur Wildlife Refuge are conservative white men — ipso facto, bad guys. Did you flunk college sociology? These ranchers are the oppressors!

A taste of Ruby Ridge and Branch Davidian Temple administered by the U.S. Department of Justice will straighten them out. (BTW: Malheur translates as unhappy.)

And our … acquaintances … wonder why The Donald has traction.


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Jan 6, 2016 01:08 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Speaking of a SWAT team

Jan 6, 2016 02:55 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

you are tiring blaska, just tiring.

time for you to look for a new career.

Jan 6, 2016 03:11 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Dave you left one thing out of your title:

White, male, conservative and uneducated.

Jan 6, 2016 03:48 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

If Brandi Grayson and her group of protesters had taken to protesting on East Washington while visibly carrying weapons I am sure the out come would have been quite different from what is happening in Oregon. Then again, that's the whole point of the Black Lives Matter movement... which I am sure you don't understand at all since your entire blog is based on ignorance of racial disparities in our society. Great job at continuing and proliferating your ignorance.

Jan 6, 2016 08:03 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

So Blaska is in favor of allowing arsonists (Hammonds) and tax evaders (Bundy) to walk free. I thought you "conservatives were all about law and order.

Jan 7, 2016 11:17 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Terrorists? Definitely not. Are we expected to just take your word for it? Who's calling them terrorists? Other than some people you saw tweeting about it, that is.

I think the far more apt comparison is the occupy movement, right down to the conservative white males' request that people send them snacks. They're squatting on public land... treat them just how you would the homeless folks camping out at the City County Building.

Moreover, that land is sacred to the Native Americans, from whom it was originally stolen. These ranchers (as if they're actually ranchers and not just jerks with cowboy hats throwing a public tantrum) don't even have the most compelling "we got screwed" argument.

Victim complex is what it is. You're enabling it.

Jan 7, 2016 11:31 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

You found the TERRORIST! needle in the commentary haystack. Oh, and you left out "armed" in your description. Keep defending these clowns, Vanilla ISIS, Yokel Harum, Hezbubba, Trailer Daesh. We're all doubled over in laughter. Send snacks!

Jan 7, 2016 11:39 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Nobody is wondering how the Donald is gaining traction. He represents the Republican mindset more than any other candidate. It's not an accident he's running away from the field! Trump is Blaska in a pricier suit!

Jan 7, 2016 12:38 pm
 Posted by  gino

hey Dave, big difference between act 10 protests and Oregon occupation freaks, guns

Jan 7, 2016 02:08 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

These comments are far better than Blaska's blog! Ha!

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