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Jan 11, 201604:23 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Liberals ask: Do we have to ruin my kid’s life?

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Blaska’s Bring It! Blogge — politically incorrect before it was correct to be politically incorrect.

“Do we have to send our kid to a bad public school?” asks a typical reader of the New York Times Magazine, intellectually constipated by political correctitude.

Do we let our neighborhood kids and our own values down by fleeing to a higher-testing public school in a richer part of the city? Or do we let our son down by sending him to the neighborhood school, which we fear will not put him on a solid educational footing.


The magazine’s Ethicist columnist responds, “Your special obligations are to your own child. You suggest that a ‘my-kid-comes-first mentality’ is what creates problem schools. But doesn’t it also make for some of the best schools? Keep in mind, educational excellence needn’t be a zero-sum game.”

Imagine! Excellence can be created, not just divided up. You don’t have to honeymoon in the Soviet Union like Bernie Sanders. Or Castro’s Cuba, like Bill de Blasio.

However unwittingly, the New York Times just made the case for school choice. (Couldn’t resist using the Batman/Robin meme. As Bluto Blutarsky said after smashing the guitar at the toga party, “Sorry.”)

Measuring inputs, not outcomes  

Speaking of liberal-progressive-socialist aversion to school choice, a “think tank” gives Wisconsin a D+ for support of public higher education. That’s enough for The Corporation that Speaks in the Progressive Voice. And how does said “think tank” measure success? By how much taxpayer money is spent!

Hubert Humphrey would be proud. It’s a liberal “think tank” so it measures inputs, not outcomes. Shower more money, don’t expect results. Only one state got an A. Can you guess which? No, not Massachusetts, nor sainted Minnesota (which actually got an F for failure from this “think tank”). It’s Wyoming, that uninhabited Harvard of the West.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Mention “Benghazi” and our Hillary-ous acquaintances put fingers in ears and make quacking noises. That all ends Thursday when the movie 13 Hours hits the cineplexes. She cannot survive it as a candidate.

Added to Hillary’s troubles, the politically incorrect Donald Trump has joined Bubba irretrievably to Bill Cosby’s libidinous hip.

Speaking of the Donald, the ban on Muslims looks a lot less radical thanks to the sexual assaults and rapes on hundreds of women in Germany by Syrian refugees, the great majority of whom seem to be men. “The hysteria was warranted,” law prof Anne of Althouse concludes. France, similarly plagued, has been asking what it means to be French. Open borders do not of themselves make a democracy.

Speaking of foreign policy, “We Caved” is Politico’s damning report on “what happened when Barack Obama’s idealistic rhetoric collided with the cold realities of war and dictatorship in the Middle East and beyond.”

PBS’ Frontline came to the same conclusion in “Netanyahu’s War,” exposing how he is leaving democratic Israel to the wolves. Pull quote from the Israeli street: “This peace process is killing us.”


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Jan 11, 2016 05:37 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I think it's hilarious that you read the Sunday New York Times Magazine (with its Tiffany ads and society page) and believe it relates to liberals.

Kinda like reading a John Birch Society newsletter and painting you with that brush.

The beauty of good satire is that it's accurate and sharp. This blog is the opposite. False and blunt. Like a Swisher Sweet.

Jan 11, 2016 05:48 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

When was the last time Michigan went to a Rose Bowl? What about a Final Four?

Stanford has a decent football squad, but doesn't really compete on the hardwood. It's also private, so clearly an orange to Wisconsin's apple.

But for a true picture of the Packers doing things the wrong way, like every other team, read this insightful report from Bob McGinn about one Colt Lyerla:

Lyerla easily had been the most controversial and least-liked player in the draft. Many general managers and personnel directors vehemently stated they would never bring Lyerla to camp, even as a free agent.

No team ever did, either. Only Green Bay.

Jan 11, 2016 05:52 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

And Ted Thompson would also have Blaska's gear on the curb by the end of the first day of practice. TT wouldn't put up with all the excuses, finger-pointing, racism, victimhood, and "me, me, me" that comes out of Blaska every day. Sports , and politics to an extent, are team sports. And Blaska is anything but a team player.

Jan 12, 2016 05:38 am
 Posted by  madisonexpat

President Obama's legacy is this:

He "managed" the US economy into a six year stall.
He reformed our healthcare system with Obamacare.
He was the CEO of our foreign policy.

He did as well with these endeavors as he has done with the Democratic Party.

You will never hear Hillary! or Bernie say, "I will be Obama's third term."

Jan 12, 2016 06:42 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

"“The hysteria was warranted,” law prof Anne of Althouse concludes."

That's a quote from someone else. I didn't say it, let alone conclude it. What I did was present it as interesting, particularly in the context of being top-rated in the comments at The New York Times.

Ann Althouse

Jan 12, 2016 01:50 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Never mind that the republican investigation of Benghazi exonerated Hillary and the rest, tell us how Bush got re-elected after ignoring all those warnings about 9/11 Blaska? I mean he was told we would be attacked and he couldn’t even bother to end his months long vacation-told his briefer that “now that you’ve covered your ass, you can go”. Thousands died. Compare that to say Big Bill Clinton’s taking the millennium /Y2K plots seriously and foiling them through heightened security

Jan 12, 2016 01:53 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Madsion ex’ll never hear that Obama was Bush’s third term, but he was. thats why I an never understand you wake get a much more competent version of what your guy was doing and all you can do is whine like babies and call a chicago millionaire politician a “socialist” even as he goes to bat for wall street, the defense industry, the oil industry and big pharma. maybe the fact that Obama’s invasions come off a bit better is whats troubling you?

Jan 12, 2016 02:32 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Ann Althouse...I see she’s backing away from your quoting her. Says she don’t say it...not thats she’s a reliable source for anything, it’s just thats she’s a little less angry and male than you, Blatska.

Jan 13, 2016 05:21 am
 Posted by  madisonexpat

Anonymouse 1:50

Who exonerated Hillary of what exactly?
Did something happen at Benghazi?

Jan 13, 2016 05:37 am
 Posted by  madisonexpat

Anonymouse 1:53

You call Obama competent then go on to say he even screwed up trying to be a liberal.
I 'll bet you're a Bernie Sanders fan.

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