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January 2016


Caution: You are entering the Dump on Trump Zone

Thank you, Donald Trump for redefining this election year. You are a great candidate. I can’t vote for you.

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Got crime? More studies are the answer!

Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances here in The Emerald City profess wonderment at the disdain outstate for “Madison values,” as Ted Cruz might put it.

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Gun control sponsored by gun illiterates from Madison

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof (of all people) got it right in “Inconvenient gun facts for liberals.” His point, on the way to encouraging more gun control legislation, is that the wrong liberals are making the argument.

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Speaker Ryan counter-punches Trump

The influential political publication The Hill is beginning to see what the Stately Manor has long detected in its powerful political spectrometer: Our nation is turning its lonely eyes to Paul Ryan.

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Obama’s State of the Union speech introduced his successors: Ryan and Haley

I thought the president’s State of the Union Tuesday night was strong. He promised a short speech (it wasn’t) so the audience could hop the overnight to Iowa. That was genuinely funny, not “pause for laugh here” funny.

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Liberals ask: Do we have to ruin my kid’s life?

“Do we have to send our kid to a bad public school?” asks a typical reader of the New York Times Magazine, intellectually constipated by political correctitude.

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Most Milwaukee homicides in 20 years

“Progressives and their media allies have launched a campaign to deny the ‘Ferguson effect’ — but it’s real and it’s increasingly deadly for inner cities.” The indispensable Heather MacDonald exposes those who are “Trying to Hide the Rise of Violent Crime.”

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They’re white, they’re male, they’re conservative — call in the SWAT team!

No, the federal Bureau of Land Management is not trying to force the Hammonds to sell their ranch on the state of Oregon’s high plains. The feds sought hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for setting a backstop fire to (putatively) protect their ranch from a wildfire and oh, by the way, you can sell us your ranch to settle your account while we imprison father and son for five years.

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War on cops succeeds! Crime wins!

Let’s quell this rumor: the Policy Werkes does not pay Annoying Mouse and his friends to lob idiotic softballs to make Your Humble Squire look like a genius. They do it for free and he would without them.

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