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January 2015


Scott Walker is the education governor, not Jeb Bush

Be careful what you wish for. Democrat(ic) leaders like State Sen. Jennifer Schilling are posturing that Wisconsin needs a full-time governor. It’s early in the presidential campaign season and Scott Walker is attracting favorable notice, so we will take the good senator’s concern like Jimmy Buffett, with a shaker of salt.

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A big-name Democrat defects from the teachers union plantation

Chalk up another Democrat(ic) convert to school reform. Few have better liberal credentials than New York’s big-D Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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At least Packers TE Brandon Bostick manned up

The Stately Manor remains draped in black today in observance of the great disaster that befell a proud people this week. We speak not of the State of the Union address (watched Out of Africa on TMC instead) but of the incredible defeat of our beloved Green and Gold by the Blue-Green Sea Algae. A perfect storm of blown assignments, timidity, stupid penalties, and pure dumb bad luck. We couldn’t even win the coin toss for OT!

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Where are Madison’s ‘Charlie Hebdos’ to speak out vs. ‘Young and Foolish’?

Here is my fantasy. A Madison TV news broadcast turns to its editorial voice for 30 seconds of wisdom. Instead of bloviating, equivocating, and temporizing, the TV editorial conscience — let’s call him Neil — slams his fist on the desk so hard that his coffee cup spills. “This **** must stop!”

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In progressive Madison, perpetrators are victims, police are enemies

Someone had to stand against Young, Gifted and Black at their rally Tuesday evening. So it was good to see Tom Brew, Todd Osborne, and Steve Hufton join the Squire on the freezing cold steps of the City-County Building Tuesday afternoon to counter the noisy group agitating for an apartheid justice system in Dane County.

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Who will call out the Young, Foolish and Racist of Madison?

A gaggle of maybe two-dozen noisemakers are mining the seemingly inexhaustible reserves of liberal white guilt in Madison, Wis., in order to advance a new, separate-but-unequal racial apartheid. Being Madison, they will be taken seriously.

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Je suis Charlie

“Je préfère mourir debout que vivre à genoux.” (I’d rather die standing than live on my knees.)

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Protest marches have an impact: Walker, Republicans sworn in today

Apparently, brunch is a sign of white privilege. The news today from the coasts is that Michael Brown protesters disrupted predominantly white folks having breakfast at selected eateries. (More here.) Nothing like a little liberal guilt with your eggs Benedict. (If only I had cut school and joined the Crips and the Bloods.)

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Blaska predicts all hell to break loose in new year

Backup coach Barry Alvarez and his boys lifted one very large simian off our backs New Year’s Day. The Big Ten (14 and counting) is 5-4 in bowl games this year, with Iowa playing today and one more game by The Ohio State. Beating No. 1 Alabama salves the pain of Wisconsin’s 59-0 thrashing in the conference title game. Take that, SEC!

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