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Jan 4, 201309:18 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Socialists have the rich on the run but – Zut alors! – they’re still rich!

Socialists have the rich on the run but – Zut alors! – they’re still rich!

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Just someplace else, is all.

Plucky little Belgium has been invaded twice from the east in the past 100 years. Now it is being invaded from the west, by France. Actually, not by France itself as much as by Frenchmen (pardon the dramatic license) who more accurately should be called refugees (again, the pardon). They are fleeing from a hostile regime that has declared war on success.

The most famous of the ex-pats is film star Gerard Depardieu. He seeks sanctuary from socialist President Francois Hollande’s 75% marginal tax rate on top earners (those over $1.3 million U.S. equivalent).

(I can hear Comrade John Nichols now: “75% taxation!? Well, it’s a start.”)

So far, some 5,000 wealthy French citizens have skedaddled for tax reasons. As utterly confiscatory as it is, the Gallic millionaires’ tax would net the socialists only a few hundred million dollars; France’s deficit is $112 billion. Are there parallels to Obama’s America? This blogge reports; you decide.

The New York Times quotes a resident of the actor’s new Belgian domicile to say, “If I were in his shoes, I would do exactly the same thing and leave. ... We Belgians are not jealous and don’t mind people getting rich. Jealousy is France’s national disease.”

Sure enough, Hollande admitted during his election campaign, “I don’t like the rich.”

You better run, Depardieu. Deep within the collective memory of the average Frenchman’s DNA is the Great Terror of the French Revolution. The great levelers always keep the guillotine busy.

Belgium has its commies, too. (There are ants at every picnic.) Informed of Depardieu’s move, a dozen comrades from the Belgian Workers’ Party (which The Times describes as “a Marxist group”) descended on the small border town to protest. They got the wrong house, of course.

More NRA dupes?

Or free people voting with their dollars? Blogge reports; reader decides. Reuters relates:

The number of FBI background checks required for Americans buying guns set a record in December, as the Connecticut school massacre stirred interest in self-defense and prompted renewed talk of limits on firearms, according to FBI data.

The FBI said it recorded 2.8 million background checks during the month, surpassing the mark set in November of 2 million checks. The number was up 49 percent over December 2011, when the FBI performed a then-record 1.9 million checks.

Word is that ammo is hard to come by. The Stately Manor’s armory, however, is well stocked. Did you know? The suburban New York City newspaper that mapped legal gun owners has hired armed guards to protect its offices.

“The safety of my staff is my top priority,” the publisher is quoted as saying. The indispensable James Taranto comments:

The paper is not backing down from its effort to shame law-abiding gun owners, and in fact it is continuing to press Putnam County, north of Westchester, to release its residents’ home addresses for publication. The safety of her staff may be [the publisher’s] top priority, but she’ll keep hounding you if the safety of your family is yours.

In Wisconsin, these records are not public.

Good people use guns to defend other good people. Two days after the horrific elementary shootings in Connecticut, a man opened fire in a crowded theater in San Antonio, Texas. A repeat of Aurora, Colo.? Not quite. An armed off-duty sheriff’s deputy shot the man before he could cause any more mayhem than wounding two theater-goers. (H/T Adm. Rader)

It’s a big story in San Antonio, but nowhere else. Which is why some folks, knowing no better, believe a sign on a wall can deter psychos, med-skippers, and rage fiends.

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