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February 2016


Dump Trump

Donald Trump cannot win in November. Donald Trump must not win in November.

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Free speech and diversity of thought at the UW? Who’da thunk it?

The University of Wisconsin–Madison expends countless hours of tenured talent chasing diversity that is only skin deep. Color, gender, orientation, ethnicity — everything but what really counts: intellectual diversity. UW–Madison remains a virtual monoculture of Bernie Sanders-style progressive socialism.

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Walker’s ‘war on workers’ and other paranoid conspiracies

Sen. Ron Johnson felt it necessary to explain to Republicans attending the Dane County GOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner Saturday night at Monona Terrace that Congress can overrule a president only when it has a two-thirds majority. Republicans control the Senate but only by 54–46.

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What if voters were asked to prove their identity — and they did?

What if they held a spring primary election Tuesday? What if voters were asked for official identification to prove they were who they said they were? What if the sky didn’t fall?

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Ted Cruz for U.S. Supreme Court

Blaska’s Bring It! Blog is pure energy straight from the Big Bang. (That’s my theory, anyway.)

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Is Bernie a communist, a demagogue, a race-baiter, or all three?

Some penciled notes from the Democratic presidential debate in Milwaukee Thursday night ...

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Willy Street Alder fans war on police

The sad truth is that Tony Robinson was a chronic substance abuser and a convicted felon who physically attacked a uniformed police officer called to exercise his lawful duty.

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Marco was fun while he lasted! Bernie berned by VA hospital scandal

Chris Christie ripped a Titanic-sized gash in Marc O’Rubio’s hull. It was pathetic watching Marc O’Rubio robo-repeating the same 25-second canned speech three times while Christie was poking him like a bear baiter. The Wall Street Journal called it a “gutting.”

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Going Green Acres with envy, campaign cash, and green religion

Readers of the February 2016 In Business magazine may have been startled to read the claim of my debate partner in the popular Political Posturing feature (Page 8) that “Germany, the fifth-largest manufacturing economy in the world, supplies up to 78% of its power from renewable energy on any given day.”

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After Iowa, the circular firing squad may stand down

William F. Buckley declared that he would vote the most conservative candidate with the best chance of winning. Donald Trump is no Bill Buckley.

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