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Feb 16, 201609:46 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Ted Cruz for U.S. Supreme Court

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Blaska’s Bring It! Blog is pure energy straight from the Big Bang. (That’s my theory, anyway.)

I am not suggesting a corrupt bargain, circa 1824. Well, maybe a little.

But just say Marc O’Rubio drops a hint that his nominee to replace the late Justice Scalia would be someone whose legal chops are indisputable. A graduate of some of the best schools, say, Princeton and Harvard Law. Someone who worked cases in the U.S. Department of Justice. A state attorney general, or its equivalent. Maybe faculty from a big law school. Perhaps elected to high public office, like the U.S. Senate. Preferably, serving on its Judiciary Committee. A social and political conservative like Scalia. Must be someone still in his 40s to ensure a long tenure. Ethnic? Only helps. Would someone who checked all of those boxes be a winner?

Does that sound like Ted Cruz? What a co-inky-dink! Lays claim to some of the anti-establishment vote and gets Ted Cruz out of Mitch McConnell’s hair. A two-fer.

Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances will remonstrate that Obama must name a successor to the late Justice Scalia soon. So he shall. The Constitution specifies he will do so with “the advice and consent” of the Senate. Obama will not ask the Senate’s advice and that body will not consent to any nominee Obama is likely to propose.

With Ike in the White House, while Nixon vied with JFK to succeed him, the Democrat-controlled Senate in August 1960 passed Senate Resolution 334, “Expressing the sense of the Senate that the president should not make recess appointments to the Supreme Court, except to prevent or end a breakdown in the administration of the Court’s business.” (H/T: the Volokh Conspiracy, Feb. 13, 2016)

In July 2007, Democratic leader Senator Chuck Schumer said that no George W. Bush nominee to the Supreme Court should be approved, 19 months before a new president was set to be inaugurated. — Washington Examiner

Remember when “The People” demonstrated against Act 10 in the Occupation of the Capitol in 2011? Turns out they were only some of the people, a minority, judging by the subsequent recall and regular elections.

“If anyone thinks the center of the electorate is clamoring for Obama to name another left-wing jurist they’re nuts. The liberal left will be as loud as they ever have been, but the reality is that the consternation will be confined to the activist left.” — Congressional Memo, New York Times, Feb. 14, 2016 (H/T Anne of Althouse.)

Robert Bork, anybody?


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