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Feb 26, 201612:33 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Dump Trump

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Donald Trump cannot win in November. Donald Trump must not win in November.

His election would be as much a disaster for America and for the world as electing a socialist as president.

Donald Trump is the American Mussolini just as Bernie Sanders is the American Hugo Chavez. (Everything must be free except the individual.) We will not vote for either.

Your baby-booming Squire was first eligible to vote in 1972. He was still a Democrat so he would not vote for Nixon but he was not so far gone as to vote McGovern. That ballot went unmarked. It will again this November if need be.

We cannot vote for Trump. If the Republican Party nominates Donald Trump, America will elect Hillary Clinton. All my absolutist friends (for they ARE my friends) can congratulate themselves for their purity, their orneriness, and their Pyrrhic victory, because Hillary Clinton will be the one placing her hand on the Bible. The polls show it; the people know it.

Yes, political correctness must be punctured. Thank you, Donald, for that. We need to speak frankly about the dysfunction of illegal immigration. (We must also do so about the dysfunction in too many minority communities.) The Donald has caused conservatives to reconsider so-called free trade deals that export jobs to Mexico and China. (America must manufacture.) He has, indeed, brought new faces into the Republican tent. He has tapped the vein of anger in America. But anger is not a governing philosophy (outside of Mein Kampf); a leader redirects that anger to bright new mornings in America. He describes a path forward.

The Blaska Policy Werkes does not demand ideological constancy or purity. There was no greater Christian than Paul, no greater Republican than Reagan. Both were converts.

Policy matters but character matters more. Donald Trump is petty, profane, bombastic, imprecise, careless, and vindictive. What was the point of deriding Hugh Hewitt’s ratings at Thursday night’s debate? And this is a friend!? (And what a debate! The spatter hit the camera lens! Marco showed some cojones.)

Time for hope, not despair

America saw the leading Republican candidate again last night, hopefully through a clearer lens. He pouted, he lashed out with childish name-calling, and he was mean-spirited. Pope Frankie One is right: Trump is a hater. He demeans women (“bleeding out of her whatever”), mocks the disabled, and tars entire segments of the population with an impossibly broad brush. He is a Christian of convenience.

The aging Squire holds out hope that the quickening electoral calendar will concentrate voters’ minds, much as being shot at so concentrated Churchill’s. He hopes that voters will turn to someone who has demonstrated some affinity for governance in a divided America. That particular skill demands the ability to persuade; insults are not persuasive. (Is Don Rickles his speechwriter?) Even as a four-star general, Ike had to cajole and convince. A leader must compromise when necessary. Robert E. Lee and George Washington were great generals because they knew the value of strategic retreat. Super Tuesday may be telling.

If not the voters in the primary elections, the Blaska Policy Werkes recommends Republicans assembled at the national convention refuse this demagogue their nomination on whatever pretext. Paul Ryan may once again heed the call. If a million more butterflies flap their wings, the most electable conservative in America — unbloodied by the fractious debates and corrosive campaigns — may feel the draft. Fresh air is restorative.

If not, we can trust that there will be a third candidate in the general election, possibly a fourth. Trump and/or Sanders will run as independents if their respective political parties come to their senses. Michael Bloomberg and Jim Webb are looming. Bill Clinton was twice elected president without a majority of the popular vote.


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Feb 26, 2016 02:54 pm
 Posted by  AnonyBob

Agreed, Trump IS Mussolini. (But comparing Bernie to Chavez is bizarre. More accurate would be Bernie to the prime minister of Norway, whoever boring the heck that is.) The biggest thing linking Trump's disparate supporters is a love of authoritarianism. Seriously, it's been measured. The most ridiculous statement here, though, is Miss Vickie's: hating on Trump, but not on Trump supporters. Can't have it both ways. She and you, Dave, and all the hysterical right wing government-hating mouthpieces created the fear and distrust that created the Trump supporters, and thus Trump. Your panic is now palpable. Understandably. I'd like to feel some glee, but I too fear for my country. Thanks a lot, you knuckleheads.

Feb 26, 2016 04:24 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous


You are describing yourself as well, my friend "petty, profane, bombastic, imprecise, careless, and vindictive". I am a constant reader of your blog (mostly for the slap-stick humor), and have listened to you far too many times on the radio to be healthy. But I like to have a well rounded outlook on life.

But blame folks like yourself, AM shock jocks and the rush/hannitys of the world for Trumps rise to the top. You guys have chased any electable Repubs out into the weeds and won't let them back on the playground. Now I see the 300# mound of sound from NJ has endorsed Trump, obviously hoping for the VP spot. Unless Kasich pulls a miracle Hillary walks into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. without breaking a sweat. And the McConnell will wish he had kept his trap shut and let the Gov. from Nevada (R) on the SC. Guess you reap what you sow.

As an aside, I too first voted in 1972. I voted for Nixon as he said he would get my buddies out of SE Asia ( I was already back). Eventually he did. Weren't you concerned about that as well? Abrogating your responsibility at the voting booth isn't very patriotic.

Feb 26, 2016 05:23 pm
 Posted by  madisonexpat

I like Trump because he is beholden to no donor... not Koch, not Soros.
He is the only candidate to know that you must grow the economy by reigning in the government and its crony capitalists and its welfare; corporate and individual.
I like Trump because he laughs off political correctness and its media bullies.
I think he understands the importance of function over form. He will ask of any proposition "Will it work?"
He may have the cojones to root out the incompetent bureaucrats that have ruined EPA, VA, DOJ, Secret Service, IRS, State Dept etc. ad nauseum.
I utterly reject polls that say Hillary! could beat anyone. Even my Progressive pals agree she is an abysmal campaigner and not getting better. Indictment or no, she is gonna get the older feminist and yellow dog vote. Period.
Low turn out by a listless, uninspired Left. Some crossover to Trump.
The only thing we can agree about in this election is that every pundit and expert prediction is blow out wrong. Consign the Hillary! wins projections to that category.
Trump gets 40 states.

Feb 27, 2016 09:58 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Your hysteria is amusing. After Tuesday Kasich will withdraw and support Trump. Walker may endorse shortly thereafter. When Rubio loses (badly) in his home state he will finish his one term and become a toadie for one of his donors. Cruz will return to his collegial existence with his senatorial friends. All will be well.

Feb 28, 2016 12:23 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

So in Clinton vs. Trump, you leave the ballot blank? Instead of voting for clearly the more sane and qualified candidate, you'd rather abstain? I think that's as much a purity boast as anything. Your opinion over the country. That makes no sense. This is why Trump will win. Your politics are of the absolutist variety. Your way or no way.

This is what we know for sure: That's not how the framers wanted it.

I note that you are opposed to Trump more for what he'd do to the Republican party (an inevitable decline in power that history tells us happens to each party) than what he'd do to the country. Indeed, you seem to agree with him on just about everything other than style. Your repudiation of him is hardly muscular.

Feb 28, 2016 12:36 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

If ifs and buts where candy and nuts...

Not going to happen. Everything that Rush and Sykes and Blaska have worked for over the last umpteen years is coming home to roost. Did you not eagerly endorse Sarah Palin? Watergate led to Reagan which led to this idea that Republicans are owed the White House. They couldn't handle the Clinton years and tried to litigate him out of power. That gave us George W. Bush's "victory," thanks to in-the-tank Scalia and an entitled style that brought a disastrous war. The result of that is this anti-everything Tea Party strain, with which you have aligned strongly and a refusal to even acknowledge Obama as president (you call him the "current occupant").

This disrespect for the office and the overwhelming winner of two high turnout elections leads us directly to Trump, leader of the birther movement who was never criticized by Blaska (if you did, please link) until today (sort of).

This is the bed you made. Time to recline on it.

Feb 29, 2016 08:59 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Remember when Bush said I'm the decider? Did you go after him on that? I doubt it.

Now Obama is the decider and you hate to admit it. You won't, actually.

When Trump is the decider, you'll go back to not caring. That's my prediction. You and he wear the same team colors and that's your biggest concern.

Feb 29, 2016 10:17 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

The Blaskas of our country bring us Trump...then cry Foul...yet none dare call it treason

Feb 29, 2016 11:07 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Republicans -- just like the rest of us -- are not immune from reaping what they sow. This is the result. Pretty ugly, isn't it?

Feb 29, 2016 03:14 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

The posts responding to this article amuse me as much as the article itself. Can't we just agree as both republicans and democrats that we have two nut jobs running for president (Sanders and Trump) and that either would be an absolute catastrophe for the country. Neither are (hopefully) electable. The "bases" of both parties are incredibly out of touch with mainstream America - which should tell you something about the people who vote in primary elections. One, or both parties, will regret their stupidity regarding their nomination. As someone who generally votes conservative, there is no way I will vote for Trump. The guy's a psychopath and I'd vote for Hillary over him (and that says a lot, because even as a politician, she seems devoid of any principles). On the other hand, if the Republicans see the light and nominate someone who even smacks of common sense, Bernie wouldn't get 30% of the vote. He's not as dangerous as Trump, but he's still a certifiable idiot.

As an American, I can only hope that one or both parties see the light and use common sense. The worse case scenario would be an election of Trump vs. Sanders. Talk about a no win scenario. I'll contemplate moving to Canada if this takes place.

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