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February 2015


Help Chief Koval keep folks out of jail: demand individual responsibility

I am blown away by Madison Police Chief Mike Koval and said so Monday evening at the last of his recent series of community meetings, attended by a good 100 citizens at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Raymond Road in Meadowood.

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‘Fascism has come to Illinois’

A Republican has been elected governor of our neighbor to the south, breaking 12 years of uninterrupted Democratic hegemony. That’s cause for name-calling and conspiracy mongering among the paranoid Left.

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Madison teachers contract comes back to bite taxpayers

Like the Sun Prairie groundhog, the Madison school district’s teachers contract has come back to bite the taxpayer. The Madison Metropolitan School District is looking at a $20.8 million budget deficit next school year.

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Make my whiskey local

Farmers, it is said, are the only entrepreneurs who buy at retail and sell at wholesale. But that’s only if you’re selling commodities. Raw milk is a commodity; processing it into an artisanal cheese adds value.

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Evil beyond forgiveness

George W. Bush was correct; there is evil in the world. The worst thing I have seen in my life (thank God — only on a podcast): the ISIS burning death of Jordanian pilot Moath al-Kasasbeh. He was brave, he did not whimper, he held his head high, but clearly he suffered. He did not die quickly. Beheading is merciful by comparison.

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Wisconsin students survived Act 10; Democrats, not so much

So John Boehner did not leave the podium for a smoke break during President Obama’s State of the Union address, contrary to our prediction. Technicians here at the Policy Werkes suspect that a burnt-out coil in Old Sparky, our legacy mainframe computer, is responsible for the faux pas.

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Let’s hear it for the police, Madison!

Bully again for Madison Police Chief Mike Koval. Last week Monday, his force had to contend with another traffic stoppage during the evening drive time by the contentious Young, Gifted and Black group. This time they blocked eastbound traffic on Doty Street.

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