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Feb 10, 201412:18 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

France’s Hollande goes for the gold, turns away from socialism

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You know that socialism has failed when even socialists turn their backs on socialism. Will someone please tell John Nichols, former Enron adviser Paul Krugman, and Howard Dean’s Democratic wing of the Democratic Party?

The Socialist president of France is sounding more like Scott Walker than Sébastien Faure these days. François Hollande “has laid out a plan to reinvigorate France’s struggling economy by making it more like Germany’s, the region’s economic powerhouse,” the Wall Street Journal reports today. Hollande is pledging to cut corporate taxes to stimulate job creation and — even — to raise corporate profit margins. In addition, “France’s bloated public spending would be pared to finance the measure.” Sounds like austerity to the white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes.

Don’t give lover-boy too much credit. In his 21 months in office, Hollande has increased tax after tax “with only marginal efforts to pare expenditures.” His popularity “is skirting all-time lows” and the economy is merde, the WSJ reports:

France has posted little to no growth for the past two years and there are more people out of work there now than at any point in modern history. … Mr. Hollande is drawing from the textbook of Gerhard Schroeder, the German Social Democrat who … overhauled the country’s labor market and curbed social spending, laying the groundwork for Germany to become one of the world’s most powerful export machines.

Bien sûr, les actes sont plus éloquents que les mots. But one recent encouraging sign: French police intervened when striking workers kidnapped their managers. They used to look the other way. Baby steps, people.

Monsieur le President, come to Madison!

Austerity is a fightin’ word for our leftward acquaintances. Socialist provocateur John Nichols, writing for the corporation that speaks as if it were a person, praised Mark Pocan in December for voting against “an austerity budget” that averted a government shutdown.

Instead of “austerity budgeting,” Nichols wrote, Washington should spend still more money on such wealth producers as “food stamps, health care for all, housing assistance, and other human needs.” Rust never sleeps, my friends. (For you ARE my friends!)


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Feb 10, 2014 02:38 pm
 Posted by  Leo

A new love interest sometimes helps one to take a new and clearer look at the world. Hollande knows that France is on the road to nowheresville under socialism.

Worse yet, it might be on the road to no toilet paper!

AS one of the western hemisphere's most notable socialistic failures has recently discovered, Venezuela is struggling with an acute shortage of toilet paper and blame is falling squarely on the socialistic government for the fiasco. And you think they have bathroom problems in Sochi?? However, no toilet paper does eliminate that puzzling instruction in Sochi toilets about not flushing toilet paper down the drain. You go Sochi!

That has to scare the hell out of President Hollande and the people of France. France may be able to deal with a weak military, lopping off heads of the royals, counting on America for liberation when the need arises or a lousy wine harvest now and then, but no toilet paper??? Mon deux!

Let's just hope it doesn't take a similar crisis in America to wise up to what socialism does to a country.

Even socialists have to draw the line somewhere.

Feb 11, 2014 08:21 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Anyone that believes anything Krugman says should be locked up in an insane asylum. Alfred Nobel must be rolling in his grave after Krugman, 0bama, Carter and Gore all received Nobel prizes. I bet even Nichols could win one. He is as crazy as the rest.

Dave, not B

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