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February 2014


The grotesque tragedy of the centrally planned economy

The Atlantic magazine may be the best general interest periodical in our language. My criteria are: Take a position, source it well, present it logically, write felicitously, but — this, above all — don’t reinforce the prevailing wisdom. Argue against the grain.

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Wisconsin Act 10 plays New York (@Times)

The Sunday New York Times examined the aftermath of Wisconsin Act 10, the legislation that all but ended collective bargaining for government employees (except police and fire). It is well worth a read. The lengthy article is fairly comprehensive except for a gaping hole in the donut.

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Sifting through the big Scott Walker (yawn) email dump

Day 2 of the great Walker county executive email dump. Where is Ted Koppel these days? Release the hostages! Oh, wait. Can the news media possibly find any more chaff in the haystack that prosecutors discarded a year ago? The news industry is heavily invested in the story; they fought like heck (sorry, Jay) to get this stuff. Like that awful Father’s Day tie, they’ve got to use it a couple times to justify the expense.

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Blaska takes on John Doe, Scott Walker, Hillary: The Movie, and Gerry Mander as the Beaver

What are we to make of the screaming headlines over political campaigning in Scott Walker’s office while he was Milwaukee county executive? Mike Tate and the Democratic echo machine will try to spin it as Watergate on the Lake. Walker partisans will say “nothing to see here.” I am somewhere in between. My standard is this: If you play the game, you play by the rules.

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Blaska is just the man to speak against ‘good government’

It has been decided. The cause of good government is best served by adopting Iowa’s system of legislative redistricting and by gelding the First Amendment to prevent corporations from speaking 60 days before an election — with a generous carve-out for corporations like the Wisconsin State Journal, of course.

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Are government-mandated living wages coming to an end?

The Wisconsin Legislature is about to pre-empt all municipal “living wage” ordinances (currently requiring a minimum wage of $11.33/hour in Dane and Milwaukee counties) wherever state or federal money is used. Given that most social services are financed by federal and state governments as pass-through spending, that is significant. Turns out Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is a prime backer of Sub 1 to Assembly Bill 750, having just been slammed by a living wage ordinance enacted Feb. 6 by a veto-proof vote of his county board.

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France’s Hollande goes for the gold, turns away from socialism

You know that socialism has failed when even socialists turn their backs on socialism. Will someone please tell John Nichols, former Enron adviser Paul Krugman, and Howard Dean’s Democratic wing of the Democratic Party?

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If Russell Wilson and Bill Cosby don’t blame whitey, why are Madison bridges racist?

Wisconsin Badgers and Seattle Seahawks football fans should do a jump-around to celebrate the fact that Madison Ald. Anita Weir had no contact with quarterback Russell Wilson during his formative years.

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Our obsession with the homeless

I write this in early January on the coldest day in 18 years, with temperatures of 20 degrees below zero and wind chills that threaten life and limb. As Hyman Roth might have said, this is the climate we have chosen. On balance, we have decided the good outweighs brutally frigid days. But the human species is not always rational. A temple in India is devoted to rats, which have free run of the place. The Bears re-signed Jay Quitler. And many chronically homeless people shun free shelter, even in winter.

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Honey, I sorted the leftist news media

First, some Super Bowl chatter: The indentured servants here at the Stately Manor enjoyed the Super Bowl, lopsided as it was. That was the real surprise, that the Seahawks could be so much better than the Broncos. But why so many run plays when you’ve got Peyton Manning, who rarely threw downfield? Good for Radio Shack joshing its behind-the-times image with all those ’80s characters, like Cliff Clavin and Hulk Hogan. Who expected to see Bob Dylan doing a commercial? But it was for a good cause, Detroit.

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