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Dec 9, 201608:45 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Hello, I must be going

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Didn’t Groucho say that once? That’s where your Humble Bloggeur is at. He is pulling up stakes and heading for the high country. Going indie. Setting up his stand at Can you remember that? Bookmark it now.

What this means is: No Mr. Nice Guy. No pulling punches. And more frequency. (What, indeed, is the frequency, Kenneth? For that matter, what is the clearance, Clarence?) Madison needs more fearless, not more fearful.

We started this electronic soapbox almost five years ago — February 2012 to be exact. Free speech has been a special concern, especially as the coercive powers of the state have been arrayed against conservative speakers — those who espouse free markets, entrepreneurship, risk and reward. We’ve experienced pre-dawn raids, although our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances will quibble that a sliver of sunshine may have breached the horizon before the speech police readied their battering rams.

Post-election, menacing gangs of militants are disrupting speeches on campus. Innocuous Post-it notes are treated as actionable hate speech. Wear the wrong costume at your peril.

Safe streets and neighborhoods are also priorities here at the Blaska Policy Werkes (and Tanning Salon). Sections of Madison have resembled shooting galleries. Chicago is not that far away, geographically or socially. When did police become the enemy? Law enforcement is subjected to race-based tests — release 500 persons of color from jail now! Disagree and get dealt the race card.

Vulnerable populations are not served by dumbing down deviancy.

This small voice has fought for schools that don’t make excuses, that demand excellence, that serve the student and not the teachers union. Schools that teach that most important ingredient of success — discipline. Businesses need workers willing to learn, and communities need citizens able to contribute. How the Establishment fights competition to its government monopoly!


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Raised on a farm near Sun Prairie, David Blaska is a recovering liberal who spent 18 years in daily newspapers, including 12 at The Capital Times in Madison as a reporter and editor. He served Gov. Tommy Thompson as acting press secretary in 1998 and is a veteran and survivor of 19 years in state government. He served 12 years on the Dane County Board of Supervisors. From December 2007 to November 2011 he wrote the consistently popular "Blaska's Blog" for Isthmus online's "The Daily Page" until, he says, the intolerant liberals ran him off. He blogs from Madison.

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