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December 2015


We lost

We lost our case against the teachers union and the Madison school district over its violations of Act 10 collective bargaining.

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Liberal goo-goo Mike McCabe sees dead people

Imagine the surprise here at the Policy Werkes to learn that the Republican Party is “at death’s door.” That is the clichéd term used by self-appointed, good-government goo goo Mike McCabe to say that it’s all over for the forces of conservatism.

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'No guns' posted at East Towne Mall; where were the trigger warnings?

Merry Christmas to you, dearest reader. Fear not liberal pilgrim, there is room for you in the Stately Manor. We turn no one away at any time of year.

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Closing an ugly chapter in the assault on free speech

So the Government Accountability Board is all boxed up and ready to move out into the dustbin of history. One last detail — settling the lawsuit brought by one of its victims, Eric O’Keefe, who, had he been a transgendered black Muslim instead of a conservative activist, would have been accorded martyr status by a worshipful news media.

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Some of us CAN shoot straight, liberals

Like good liberals everywhere, The New York Times is locked and loaded for gun control, the answer to all domestic ills. Page one erupted in editorials immediately following the radical Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino — urging not better border patrol, stricter visa standards, or a hiatus in Muslim refugees, but gun control.

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Here’s your nuance, you ‘despicable right-wing crazies’

The next president of the United States will take the oath of office with less than half the support of the nation’s deeply divided voters. Bernie Sanders will run as an independent to the political left of Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump will do the same to the right of the Republican party’s nominee. I hope that nominee is Paul Ryan.

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Posted: No terrorism on these premises

Got to think the San Bernardino Health Department posted the usual government signage at every entrance. The ones that read: “No Firearms Allowed On These Premises.”

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What do Packers, San Bernardino, and maternity leave have in common? Climate change!

You can thank the Squire for my beloved Packers’ amazing comeback Thursday night.

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