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Dec 2, 201306:59 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Progressivism in the crosshairs

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Barack Obama had once aspired to be the progressive equivalent of that transformative president, Ronald Reagan. Now he looks more and more like Jimmy Carter after he was attacked by that killer rabbit. Obamacare is a late-night TV punchline. Our Ms. Burke? She just wants to get elected. Kind of like Jim Doyle. Remember the Doyle legacy? Neither do we. What would Mary Burke do if elected? Work really hard. Every day!

Otherwise, the lady makes no promises. She’s “the Fifth Amendment candidate,” Charlie Sykes quips. Old fist-pounding Bob La Follette would be so proud. Has 21st century progressivism become the political ideology that dare not speak its name?

No issue enrages Wisconsin’s left like Scott Walker’s rollback of public-sector collective bargaining privileges. Act 10 struck at the heart of the government-industrial complex. Progressives mounted expensive and wearying recall elections only to have the governor and his legislative allies show what democracy really looks like. So where does Our Ms. Burke stand?

“She has deftly handled the public employee collective bargaining question,” reports Capital Times editor Paul Fanlund, by not answering it. “She talks of her desire to treat public employees fairly. But to lock herself into that position would be nuts, and she has not.” Guess we’ll have to elect her to see what she stands for.

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Dec 2, 2013 10:42 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Dave, Obama is a failure - there is little doubt of that now. Anyone still defending him is delusional. Imagine if the Republicans had not pressed the shutdown and taken the PR hit and had simply let the ACA implode on its own. A couple of points though. Mary Burke would be foolish to say she'd repeal Act10 because she can't. The assembly will certainly stay Republican so things that have been done will not be undone. (People on the crazy left have yet to figure that out). The other thing is that invoking World War II is ridiculous. Mostly because it contrasts that time where everyone sacrificed to win a war to our last two wars where no one except our service men and women (and their families) sacrificed anything. Seriously tax cuts in war time? The greatest generation must be sick.

Dec 3, 2013 05:48 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

"Strange how the failure of every government overreach is explained as not having overreached enough"

You of all people should know one of the fundamental rules of liberalism:

"Government grows in response to its own failure."

Other fundamental rules include:

* Being liberal means never having to say "I'm Responsible"
* There can be no freedom until everything is free.

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Raised on a farm near Sun Prairie, David Blaska is a recovering liberal who spent 18 years in daily newspapers, including 12 at The Capital Times in Madison as a reporter and editor. He served Gov. Tommy Thompson as acting press secretary in 1998 and is a veteran and survivor of 19 years in state government. He served 12 years on the Dane County Board of Supervisors. From December 2007 to November 2011 he wrote the consistently popular "Blaska's Blog" for Isthmus online's "The Daily Page" until, he says, the intolerant liberals ran him off. He blogs from Madison.

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