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December 2013


Madison’s progressive heroes of 2013, Part 1

As the late folksinger sang, Love me, love me, I’m a liberal. Got to love them progressives — as they prefer to be called — for making our jobs so much easier here at the Blaska Policy Research Werkes and Tanning Salon. Who needs to rebut the redistributive state when our acquaintances on the left do the heavy lifting?

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America’s liberal of the year is ...

Time magazine named Pope Frankie One as its Man of the Year. Good man, but too facile a choice. Putting a newly elected pope or president on your cover is punting on first down. The challenge is finding someone who best represents the zeitgeist of the times. As you might expect, the Blaska Policy Research Werkes (and Tanning Salon) is up to the challenge.

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Merry Christmas and free speech to all, from our Stately Manor to yours

Merry Christmas from the indentured servants at Blaska’s Stately Manor. The anonymous white lab coats at the Blaska Policy Research Werkes and Tanning Salon have programmed Old Sparky to chime Silent Night. Aide de camp Ruben Mamoulian is deep into the cream sherry. The lovely chatelaine is arrayed in her finery. Number One Son is checking his list and reloading. The Squire himself is piling the sleigh high with consumer goods for the snow-covered journey to brother Mike-boy and Peg’s survivalist compound hidden deep within Grandma’s Woods.

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Big Sister wants your business to report your building’s energy usage

Madison’s unemployed may be a protected class, but it’s still open season on the city’s job providers. Seven Madison alders are proposing to require owners of office, manufacturing, and retail buildings over 15,000 square feet and residential apartments over 35 units to report annual energy usage. The city would gather the data and release it to the public.

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PolitiFact of life then; lie of the year today

For all my conservative friends chagrined that the budget deal Paul Ryan made with Patty Murray, the Democratic senator from the state of Washington, is not perfect, well, duh! Rep. Ryan put up and passed three perfect budgets in the House, but it takes two to make law. Republicans are stymied by a U.S. Senate where Tammy Baldwin is in the majority. That’s called electoral math.

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Wisconsin Democrats support mining the Big Rock Candy Mountain

Count on our progressive acquaintances (for they ARE ...) to champion more “investment” (as they call “government spending”) on joblessness than they do on actual employment. Fifty-one state legislators, all Democrats, joined U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan in asking that the government issue unemployment checks for an additional year. These are the same people, btw, who voted against iron mining in Iron County.

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Can no one rid me of this turbulent weather?

Snow and cold in December? Personally, I blame global warming/climate change. The indentured servants at The Stately Manor fired up the brand-new 205 cc Ariens 24 LE for the first time this morning after frequent consultations with the manual. The beast is a two-stage snowblower that cuts a manly 24-inch-wide swath under the direction of six forward and two reverse gears. Makes snowblowing lots of wintery fun — I’m told (ahem).

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Slow, sluggish websites and fast pas-sen-ger trains, these are a few of their favorite things

Sing it along with Mary Poppins, my progressive acquaintances! Fresh off the thrilling rollout of Obamacare, also known as “Error 404, Page Not Found,” what do progressives want? Faster trains! When do they want them? Now!

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Progressivism in the crosshairs

Now that Democrats have made their peace with the one percent, in the person of Mary Burke, the party bosses’ handpicked candidate for governor, it is safe to be successful again — especially if you inherited your wealth. Having used it to defeat Mitt Romney, the class warfare meme has served its purpose. Now our progressive acquaintances are stuck with Barack Obama for another three years, after which time the (un)Affordable Health Care act website may be up and running.

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