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August 2016


Progressive Dane has solved the problem in schools

That’s the ironic header for a thread populated by reliably liberal participants in the online Isthmus forum. The surprise is that all 12 posters (as of noon today) agree with the first poster, who observes, “Progressive Dane, in [the] wake of increase[d] violence and security concerns in public schools, thinks [it] is a great idea to get police officers and their guns out of schools. Perhaps Konkel and her homeless friends can take the place of trained officers.”

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Election junkies feast on junk food news

Hillary is a man, baby! My source is even more reliable than international man of mystery Austin Powers. Now you know what the lamestream media won’t tell you about this hermaphroditic Democrat. Start tweeting now.

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Brenda Konkel & Ald. Verveer part of cabal persecuting Chief Koval

A press release crossed the news desk here at the Blaska Policy Werkes trumpeting another complaint against Madison police Chief Mike Koval filed with the Police and Fire Commission. Like the one in the name of Sharon Irwin a week ago, this one is filed on behalf of another stalwart in the Black Lives Matter movement, one Shadayra Kilroy-Flores.

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Madison alders, make your checks payable to Chief Mike Koval

This is delicious. Soon enough, the Madison Common Council will be forced to vote for or against spending taxpayer money to reimburse police Chief Mike Koval’s defense against a frivolous complaint that its Progressive Dane contingent encouraged bringing in the first place.

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‘Stop trying to fix the police; fix the ghetto’

I give Donald J. Trump credit. A lot of credit.

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Quick, send more free stuff to Milwaukee!

Black Lives Matter and the Democrat(ic)-Progressive-Socialist Party now have their motto: “Rich people got all this money and ain’t tryin’ to give us none.”

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My letter to Brad at the GOP

As part of a national effort to save the soul of the Republican Party, I sent this letter today to Wisconsin’s members of the Republican National Committee …

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Tuesday’s primary election begins Trump’s end times

Tuesday is the beginning of the end, the beginning of the great reckoning. For tomorrow, national attention will focus on one Wisconsin congressional race, the First District that runs from Janesville to Racine-Kenosha.

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Madison police supporters counter racism complaint made to the feds

The Support Our Madison Police movement believes that black lives DO matter — as ALL lives matter. That includes the blue lives we send into harm’s way to confront dangerous people who threaten our safety.

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Republicans’ dark soul of the right: Trump is electing Hillary

On the way back from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, I asked State Sen. Alberta Darling if I could write in the word “Jr.” after Donald Trump’s name on the Nov. 8 ballot.

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