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Aug 2, 201612:36 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Republicans’ dark soul of the right: Trump is electing Hillary

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‘Unapologetic man of the Left’

Can my old comrade John Nichols pick ‘em?

Nichols and Grayson, from Keywiki Prog-Marxist Profiles

The socialist agitator has championed a rogue’s gallery of misfits, mountebanks, and party poopers in his time: Brenda Konkel, ACORN, faux Indian Ward Churchill, Michael A. Bellesiles (the “historian” who fraudulently claimed that few pioneer settlers owned guns in early America).

Add Alan Grayson to the list.

Nichols was doing the old Hollywood-style build-up a few years back, writing for AlterNet: “[Grayson] pulled no punches when he declared on the House floor: ‘The Republican health care plan is this: Don’t get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly.’”

After his GOP colleagues recovered from the shock of a Democrat actually calling them out, they demanded an apology. Republicans presumed that Grayson had gone off the deep end. The National Republican Congressional Committee screeched: “This is an unstable man who has come unhinged.”

NRCC spokesman Ken Spain claimed that: “This is an individual who has established a pathological pattern of unstable behavior.”

But, Nichols assured his progressive-socialist readers, “Grayson hasn't cracked.”

Or maybe he was already.

Grayson’s worm has turned. Politico last week: “Rep. Alan Grayson’s troubled Senate campaign continued to unravel on Wednesday, as several staffers resigned and a chorus of Democrats called on him to quit the race, including the party’s future Senate leader.”

The developments came in the wake of a Politico report about domestic-abuse claims by his ex-wife and a hot-tempered confrontation Grayson then had with a reporter.

“I’ve never thought much about Grayson as a candidate ... And now it’s of course much, much worse. He ought to do the right thing and drop out,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who’s set to succeed Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid next year. Reid had already backed Grayson's opponent in the August 30 primary, Rep. Patrick Murphy, and called on Grayson to quit the race months ago.

The story concludes with this gem: “Grayson has denied ever beating his ex-wife.”

The kids are still all right

Five years after Act 10, Scott Walker still hasn’t wrecked Wisconsin’s schools?

“Personal finance [website] WalletHub found that the Badger State has the fifth-best school system across the entire country. In ranking systems, WalletHub considered 17 key metrics, including student-teacher ratio, average SAT and ACT scores, dropout rate, and much more.” (More here.)

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Aug 2, 2016 01:27 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous


And guys and gals like you, the hate and fear mongers, racists and bigots, wedge issue promoters, that got us to where we are today....Trump as the republican candidate. You should feel proud.

Aug 2, 2016 01:56 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Chickens Home Roost.
Scott Walker
Mitch McConnell

I'm lovin it.

Maybe you should go write about Democrats that he the police yet again!


Aug 2, 2016 01:57 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Blaska - So step up like a man and tell us who it is you are voting for?

Got Courage? Nah that would take accountability and integrity!

Aug 2, 2016 02:02 pm
 Posted by  mark

Thank you Dave for being willing to call out the Republican party for creating and supporting Trump!

Aug 2, 2016 02:33 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

The Republican party has no one to blame but themselves. Perhaps the tea party they created and Sara Palin can save them. What a joke. Without gerrymandering they would all be out of office except for Walker, who's time is coming.

Aug 2, 2016 03:06 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Right on, ANONYMOUS at 1:27 PM! Well said!

Aug 2, 2016 04:08 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Unfortunately, Blaska is right, Trump did it to himself. Oh yippee skippee, another 4 years of a Democrat in the White House!

Aug 2, 2016 07:21 pm
 Posted by  AnonyBob

Dave, while we're all enjoying your dismay and rejection of the GOP nominee, a little more self-reflection on your part might be warranted. The tea-swilling work of you and other mouthpieces like Vicki McKenna and Charlie Sykes is why your party is now led by a hate-filled, bubble-headed authoritarian narcissist. His boys aren't much more impressive (Ivanka is the brightest bulb of that dim bunch). They all look like slick gangsters with good teeth and their political inexperience is painfully obvious. At least you aren't as craven (or cowardly) as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and the others still endorsing him. Who I don't understand are the people that actually want to vote for him. What can explain their dark souls or their ignorance?
Hey, Explat! You like him. Maybe you can explain it. Oh, and did you see Nate Silver today? (Snork!)
I've got no respect for the Trump-lovers.

Aug 2, 2016 08:23 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

No, David, Trump is not electing Hillary. Not only do I hope Trump wins but I hope that Eddie Munster twerp in Janesville is Cantored in the primary. Go ahead and vote for Junior or Hillary or anyone else you want to.

Aug 3, 2016 12:17 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

What we are witnessing is simply the logical conclusion of the southern strategy, 50 years later. Trump couldn't have gotten anywhere without the plurality of white nationalists in the Republican Party propping him up. Party elites have courted them with dog whistles and counted on their votes for years. They told themselves the votes were really for tax policy and economic ideas, but they kept feeding the beast. Remember the 2012 RNC post-election autopsy? You're not going to see another one this time--- Trump's unfortunate death-grip on a once proud party will leave no recognizable body in it's wake. It will be just that bad.

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