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August 2015


Crime? Reverse the charges, depending on race

And they say there’s no waste in the UW System that can be cut.

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Milking need not be back breaking anymore

So many of the older farmers I encountered as a kid complained of arthritic joints.

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Changing nature of today’s family farm in evidence at Farm Tech Days

Change is a constant in a dynamic society, and that can be unsettling to those who cannot adapt. Certainly, American agriculture has changed. It is riding the bio- and info-tech revolution to new and dizzying heights. But those advances are still rooted in the religious, patriotic, and family values of rural America, as evidenced on the three-generation Statz Brothers Farm east of Sun Prairie.

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The road less traveled

Took the road less traveled Saturday, with no particular place to go, as Chuck Berry sang. Is that the ultimate freedom?

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The solution to downtown vagrancy: send out the paddy wagon

It is a common and most dangerous mistake to assume that everyone thinks as you do — that everyone thinks rationally. Would you have believed it if, 15 years ago, you had been told people would fly a passenger jet airliner into a Manhattan skyscraper?

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If big government has failed, would even more government succeed?

Conservatives are gleefully rubbing their hands over the delicious sight of Bernie Sanders getting live-mic’d off the podium by Black Lives Matter in uber-liberal Portland, Ore. One group of demagogues out-demagoguing another demagogue.

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Carly can really Bring (a can of) It!

The Franklin Pangborn Memorial Theater at The Stately Manor is popping corn for a screening of The Best of Enemies, a documentary in theatrical release recounting the groundbreaking verbal jousting between William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal on ABC-TV during the political nominating conventions of that annus horribilis 1968.

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Blaska is a ‘road warrior gangster who cooks and sells meth out of back-country farmhouses’

Who knew? A former state government employee, hopelessly addled by Walker Derangement Syndrome, vents his ample spleen to Dane County’s liberal-progressive-socialist voice, which is always in the market for such tripe.

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Walking back ‘Wisconsin’s shame’ in baby steps; what gasbaggery!

Some day a historian will query why Wisconsin’s news media — hyper alert to their own First Amendment rights — yawned as armed agents of the state carried battering rams against private homes in pre-dawn raids, warned the stunned citizens inside to remain silent or else, and carried away their correspondence. In Madison and Middleton, not Moscow.

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