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August 2014


Should free-market capitalists enjoy the appearance of free speech?

If you really want to understand the yin and yang of campaign finance law, hire a $300/hour attorney specializing in the field. If you can settle for the gist, one need only understand that the voluminous laws and regulations amount simply to this: avoiding the “appearance of corruption.”

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Ferguson, Mo., is where liberal racism went to die

Like the O.J. Simpson jury, the shooting in Ferguson, Mo., is a litmus test of the two Americas — the personally responsible versus the chronic victim. An 18-year-old black man is gunned down with his hands raised in surrender at the hand of a racist white police officer of a militarized occupying power. From that initial narrative, catnip for the mainstream news media, the story keeps getting walked back.

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Scott Walker is governor and Wisconsin skies still not falling!

Neanderthal Republicans have shifted the political tectonics so dramatically that the Badger State now shares a common border with burning Mississippi and its impoverished, barn-burning sharecroppers. That’s what our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are saying in this election year. Some may even believe it.

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Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke proves voters can’t be bought

If wishes were horses beggars would ride. Take note, good government goo-goos: If money amounts to an unfair campaign advantage, then Eric Cantor would still be House majority leader, Chris Moews would be the new Milwaukee County sheriff, and Duey Stroebel would be the Republican nominee in Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District.

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Hulsey to declare moral victory next Tuesday; heads and manure digesters explode!

The white lab coats here at the Blaska Policy Werkes tried jump-starting Old Sparky, their Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, but it was no go. In desperation, they backed a Farmall Model H tractor to the big mess of wires and blinking tubes and hooked it to the power takeoff. Lit up like Elver Park on the Fourth of July, with more smoke than a Grateful Dead concert.

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Sweet corn and beer went down good on a summer Sunday in Hubbleton, Wis.

This is what it means to be Wisconsin on a Sunday afternoon in August: sweet corn picked fresh, steamed and dripping with butter; beer and brats at a small-town festival.

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Act 10 and the Supremes: 4-3 it’s partisan; 5-2 it’s bipartisan consensus

The surprise Thursday is not that the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld Scott Walker’s Act 10 reforms/gutting of government employee collective bargaining. The surprise is that it was decided by a 5-2 majority. Justice Patrick Crooks, who usually votes with the liberals, joined the four conservatives. Crooks gratuitously included an ad hominem lecture to the effect that collective bargaining is like chicken soup. But at least he was able to separate his proper judicial function from that reserved to the Legislature.

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