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August 2013


Free-range HOGs make their statements in Milwaukee

A single, rather unintimidating birch-white-and-midnight-pearl Harley-Davidson Sportie SuperLow was the only H-D machine headed west this Friday morning from Milwaukee. All other H-Ds were making sweet music in the eastbound lane, headed to the Summerfest grounds for the four-day 110th Harley-Davidson Motor Co. anniversary.

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Vive la France and God save (but do not bail out) Detroit

The left is waging a losing war against “austerity,” as witness the diminishing public support for Madison’s Solidarity Singers. Gov. Scott Walker turned a $3.6 billion deficit and a hemorrhaging job market into the third-best economic growth in the nation, according to the Philadelphia Federal Reserve. Fitzwalkerstan, despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, is prospering. State workers are on the job, got their bennies, are even getting a pay raise.

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Smokey the Blaska says: Only you can prevent Solidarity Singalongs!

It is time to end this nonsense. The Solidarity Singers do not own the Capitol. They must share it with the people of Wisconsin. They are a well-organized, self-indulgent minority. Yes, they are organized. They hand out stapled, 5-by-8½-inch songbooks. I’ve got one.

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Congratulations, Matt Rothschild, on your recent arrest; Graeme Zielinski, too

The Capital Times claims that the arrest of The Progressive magazine editor Matt Rothschild at the daily Capitol Solidarity Singalong “is drawing a lot of criticism.” (Read it and weep.) But not from Blaska’s Policy Research Werkes and Tanning Salon. No, the white lab coats hereabouts extend their heartiest congratulations, Matt, on your arrest last week. (There should be a Hallmark card for the occasion.)

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I got chicken on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle

Here are some great things about Harley-Davidson motorcycles: 1. They’re made right here in Wisconsin (and York, Pa.) USA. 2. They’re iconic. They have a great 110-year history. Nothing sounds like a Harley, although they have many imitators. 3. The machine work is meticulous, even overbuilt. Not a corner cut. Or a piece that can’t be swapped out for something unique — and more expensive! They hold their value; there’s a market for 20-year-old machines. Outside of BMW, that can’t be said for many motorcycles.

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Breaking news: Scott Walker, Robin Vos, and a guy named ALEC are conservative

The political left is fixated on a membership organization called ALEC. It stands for American Legislative Exchange Council. Its membership is formed of state legislators who hew to a conservative-to-libertarian philosophy of limited government, free markets, and the federalist principal that all political power ought not be concentrated in Washington. If you haven’t already guessed, that makes ALEC evil! EVIL!

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Bicycle thieves learn what neighborhoods are all about

A homeowner in the Meadowood neighborhood was mowing his backyard lawn. When he returned to the garage, he noticed his bicycle was missing. He relates the story on the local NextDoor social network.

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Maybe the Walker worshippers should have tried Tuvan throat singing

We could have used him at last week’s We Got a Permit Singalong. I am talking about the Frank Sinatra of Tuvan throat singing, Kongar-ol Ondar, who passed away last month in Kyzyl, Tuva’s capital, too young at age 51. He was the “groovin’ Tuvan,” The New York Times obituary tells. He mastered the art of Tuvan throat singing, which sounds like “the remarkably harmonious marriage of a vacuum cleaner and a bumblebee.”

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Paying Homage to a Farm Family

We buried my Aunt Burdette the day after Independence Day in Sun Prairie, with full military honors. She joined the U.S. Navy as a nurse 10 months before Pearl Harbor and rose to the rank of captain. She was the fourth-born and last survivor, at age 94, of the nine children of Rose and John M. Blaska — five of whom served in uniform during World War II.

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Mayor Soglin: ‘Faster, businesspeople! Hire! Hire!’

Mayor Soglin is asking the private sector to create more jobs. (At least he realizes where jobs come from.) This is rich! Mayor Soglin is asking the business community to help bail out the city. This is hardly a month after he proposed legislation to require private sector vendors wishing to do business with the city to disclose their political affiliations regarding 501(c)4 organizations.

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