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Apr 7, 201601:05 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Trump sent packing like a little boy, thanks to Scott Walker

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How do little boys pack, if they do pack at all?

Vicki McKenna nailed it on her WIBA-AM radio program Wednesday.  Trump boasted during the Wisconsin primary campaign that he had sent Scott Walker “packing like a little boy” from the presidential race. (Recounted here.) Be careful who(m) you insult, big fella. Vicki riposted that Walker on Election Day sent Trump home packing like a little boy with only six of our 42 delegates.

Swiss newspaper: “Wisconsin isn’t foolish enough for Trump”

Flashback to recall election night four years ago. The electrifying news that Scott Walker won the recall broke with Ed Schultz sitting on Monona Terrace, live with Comrade Nichols and Progressive editor Ruth Conniff. They looked like they were hacking up a corn cob. But the prize comment that night belonged to Lawrence (the Liberal) O’Donnell. “The big winner of the night,” he pontificated, “was [pause for dramatic effect] Barack Obama.”

Even Jon Stewart had fun with that one.

It is fair to say, then, that the big winner Tuesday night was [pause for dramatic effect] Scott Walker. His backing for Ted Cruz was critical. Along with the work of conservative talk radio in southeast Wisconsin, it delivered the first northern state to Cruz in a primary election. They say revenge is a dish best served cold.

Walker also ensured his agenda would enjoy a 5–2 advantage on the Wisconsin Supreme Court instead of the 4–3 margin prevalent during the governor’s first five years. Rebecca Bradley is stuck to Scott Walker like bubble gum on a shoe. The governor has heretofore appointed Bradley to every judicial bench on which she has served, including the high court to replace the late Justice Patrick Crooks, a reliable liberal vote.

Redistribute THIS!

Liberals are doing what they always do, blaming hobgoblins like ALEC, WMC, and various brothers Koch. Yes, the Kloppenburg was outspent. They ignore that the mainstream news media engaged in a feeding frenzy over One Scot Ross’ exhumation of Bradley’s 20-year-old college scribblings. Worse, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel threw Trump-level mud with a front-page that headlined a 12-year-old "extramarital affair.” It did so less than three weeks before Election Day.  Even Bradley’s ex-husband denounced the story.  But he was never quoted. Naturally, the Milwaukee daily endorsed Kloppenburg, a candidate who advocated using the court as a wealth redistribution center.  (Facts here.)

From Paul Jacob’s Common Sense

Speaking of Bernie Sanders, three lefties appeared on super-left WORT radio this morning urging a more Bernie Sanders kind of Democratic Party. Mike McCabe of Blue Jean Nation, Matt Rothschild of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, and Rebecca Kemble of The Progressive are representative of the 8% who told NBC News exit pollers that Bernie is not liberal enough!

Boils down to this: 100,000 more voters participated in the Republican primary than in the equally contested Democratic. (It was 1,101,326 to 1,004,636.) That voters rejected Kloppenburg a second time (by 52%–48%) — even though endorsed by name by both Hillary and Bernie — is further evidence that Wisconsin is turning a more reddish purple. More proof is the 56%–44% rejection of State Sen. Chris Larson for Milwaukee County executive. Not long ago, Larson was the Democrats’ Senate leader. Speaking of Bernie Sanders, he was backed by the far-left Working Families Party (“frankly redistributionist and devoted to social equality,” The Atlantic explains).

A big hand (cough, cough) to Governor Walker and the legislative leadership — the Big Hands People. Back of the hand to sleaze peddlers like Donald Trump, One Scot Ross, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Sean “the Pawn” Hannity is also on the list.


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Apr 7, 2016 02:22 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I guess if this makes you feel better after Trump demolished Walker in the debate with $1M us campaign debt!

The Blaska/ Ryan Bromance continues. Starting to seem like an infatuation. creepy.

Got Stalker?

Scott who?

Bye Bye!

Apr 7, 2016 03:49 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

The more interesting problem is that Wisconsin is turning Republican by the leaving of skilled liberal workers - if you analyze the data Dane alone lost over 2000 middle age workers worth about 71 million (and there are indications they left the state not just Dane). I see a cartoon with WMC walking across a vacant landscape shouting we won and with an even tighter lack of skilled workers to fuel business growth similar to Cobbs 1960's cartoon with the post nuclear guy In a suit walking across bombed out terrain trying to plug in his TV.

No one seems to be talking about what if Trump loses in a convention showdown and his folks riot? After all this is Cleveland where almost half the force on duty streamed after a car that back fired and executed the unarmed driver shooting several hundred rounds of ammo. And that is not the only case of police gross incompetence. The Cleveland cops make Daley's cops at the 1968 convention look almost professional. Whoever gets the nomination could end up like Hubert Humphrey and in todays world there is no editing the film shot by hundreds of cell phone cameras.

An interesting election that is getting more interesting and weird by the minute.

Apr 7, 2016 04:36 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I've seen Bush Derangement Syndrome and I've seen Obama Derangement Syndrome.

But there will never be another derangement syndrome quite like Scott Walker Derangement Syndrome.

It's special. It's fresh local Wisconsin NeoProg Craft-brewed! 100 Proof.



Apr 7, 2016 06:16 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Trump won 45 of 72 counties in Wisconsin and if you look at a map it's clear that those counties are beyond the clutches of talk radio's 8 hours/day of nonstop propaganda vomited out by Icky, Lockstep, and Co.

Apr 7, 2016 08:45 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous


Did you read the article? Because this isn't what she said.

"Kloppenburg, a candidate who advocated using the court as a wealth redistribution center" Bradley actually said the same thing JK said.

Apr 8, 2016 09:58 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Quit echoing this line that it would be *CRAZY* if Paul Ryan runs for president. He's been running for president since the day after the 2012 election. He's running for president right now! Speakers don't give the speeches he gives or talk to TV the way he does.

He's "all in," to quote your cliche-happy governor. Your "prediction" is hardly that. It's an observation, like saying "Here's a hot take: The Brewers will NOT be in the World Series this year!"

Watch Paul Ryan? His actions have ensured we can hardly avoid doing so.

Apr 9, 2016 07:29 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

lesson form Wisconsin: friends come and go, walker. Enemies accumulate.

Apr 9, 2016 12:56 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

You give walker waaaaay more credit than he deserves. Drumps idiotic/racist/sexist remarks are finally showing up at the polls.

Apr 10, 2016 02:32 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I wonder if Madison's liberal elites are done weeping in their Chardonnay over Kloppenberg's (second)loss. How often do their pin-up girls have to go down in flames before they get that there's a whole big state out there that looks with deserved contempt on Madison values? On the near east side, where I live, every other lawn sports a Kloppenberg sign (usually right beside a Bernie Sanders sign). They're still there, of course, and will be for some time to come--just like the Sanders signs will remain long after he's lost the nomination to Hillary. I'd never dream of voting for him, but last month I put a Trump sign in my yard just to protest the neighborhood groupthink. So far, five of them have been stolen or defaced. Leave it to Madison liberals to elevate hypocrisy to an art form.

Apr 11, 2016 08:06 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

"Trump sent packing like a little boy, thanks to Scott Walker"

You mean like "Walker sent packing like a little boy, thanks to Donald Trump" in the Presidential race?

This is rich!

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