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Apr 15, 201612:18 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

The Mad as Hell caucus primaries Paul Ryan

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The relentless march of Obama-style statism continues apace. Just last night at the CNN presidential debate, Hillary and Feel the Bernie were trying to outbid each other on the minimum wage. Do I hear $12.50? Twelve-fifty! Now 15? — Fifteen!

I expected a phone bidder — perhaps Martin O’Malley  — to bid $18. Now Eighteen!

What price compassion? Especially when you can make someone else pay for it? The charitable explanation is that this runaway statism is driving some on us on the other end of the spectrum into spittle-flecked paranoia.

Deep into the snake pit is the Brown County Tea Party, which sometimes appropriates the Republican label. The leader of this circular firing squad is one James M. Murphy. Is he mobilizing against the Hildabeast, Bernie, and Russ Feingold? Nope. All draw a pass from this supposed Republican.

“The REAL FIGHT [Murphy’s all-caps] is with Paul Ryan and Unseating HIM! Thats why I’m not engaging in the Presidential Politics because at this point it’s all Smoke and Mirrors! The Real Issue is POWER! The GOP needs to be taken down any way we can because they as well as the DNC are the true enemies of We The People! Voting OUT Paul Ryan Sends the Message that we’re NOT going to Fall For the Washington Elite’s Bull [XXXX] anymore and it actually Addresses the Problem! We need to Primary Paul Ryan OUT of Public Office and Put in a True Patriot like Paul Nehlen.”

Anyone heard of Nehlen? Me neither. Former MediaTrackers writer Nathan Schact asks, “Where has he been while the rest of us conservatives were fighting to take back Wisconsin?”

The guy’s message is the Howard Beal cry: He’s mad as hell and he isn’t going to take it anymore. Indeed, that is Donald Trump’s message — and Bernie Sanders’. Donald is going to build a big wall and make Mexico pay for it. Right. Bernie is going to make everything free and make Goldman Sachs pay for it. Right.

Murphy’s raiders are trying to pull another Dave Brat, the upstart Virginia Republican who defeated Eric Cantor, the House Republican majority leader, two years ago. That signaled the subsequent defenestration of Speaker John Boehner. The Republican caucus turned to Ryan — not to Dave Brat — with the blessing of the Freedom Caucus.

The irony, of course, is that the resources expended fighting Ryan could be used against Russ Feingold and the Democratic presidential nominee. Once again, the perfect is the enemy of the good. Murphy and his wrecking crew may return Republicans to a minority but they’ll be a damn fine minority.

The Policy Werkes seconds Erik Erickson in The Insurgent: “In the fight between madness and Paul Ryan, I’m with Paul Ryan. Conservative energies and money are best deployed elsewhere to move the House of Representatives right.”

At a time the GOP is fracturing and a bunch of former Democrats, white supremacists, and people otherwise alienated from the political process are trying to take over the Republican Party, Paul Ryan is the steadiest hand in the tumultuous seas right now. He is a far better leader than Boehner was and vastly better and more conservative than Mitch McConnell.


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Apr 15, 2016 03:14 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Wal-Mart pays minimum wage, no benefits, and removes a tremendous amount of money from the markets where it builds its stores (and then tears them down to build super stores 10 miles away). Workers there can't afford health care. Badger Care kicks in. Now you're basically paying Wal-Mart, whether you decide to shop there or not.

As a pension-collecting retiree of public employment, I'd expect you to understand that health care in this country only works because employers pay for it. Except Wal-Mart and others that don't pay a living wage, leaving you to pick up the slack.

Apr 15, 2016 03:18 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Where does Wisconsin's job growth rank nationally? Regionally?

Why does Obama get no credit for this growth?

Apr 16, 2016 04:36 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

what if blaska gave a blog and none showed up?

Apr 18, 2016 08:00 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous


You try to blame Murphy or Brat for the current plight of the republicans, but fail to mention folks like rush, sykes, belling and good old dave blaska for their role in the fiasco. I'm sure that was just an oversight, eh?

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