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April 2015


Madison can smell Baltimore’s smoke

Baltimore has lessons for Madison.

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Three cheers for Paul Soglin –– ‘Enough is enough’ is right!

Madison’s on-and-off mayor these last 42 years finally acknowledged that, “The combination of City and County policies that encourage drifters to come to Madison, and the concerted efforts of others to send them here, has reached an intolerable level.”

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What if they invaded John Nichols’ house?

Early this week, the National Review came out with an explosive cover story detailing the experience of three private citizens subjected to armed police with battering rams conducting pre-dawn raids of their homes, seizing cell phones and personal computers, and admonishing them to tell no one — even as the authorities apparently tipped off favored news reporters.

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Wisconsin’s shame: News media acquiesce in persecution of political speech

The optimists here at the Blaska Policy Werkes believe those who make a living off the First Amendment retain some small respect for the freedom of speech of other citizens, even those they do not employ.

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Could Madison please have some adult supervision — and some leadership?

Voters just approved a $41 million spending referendum. Now the Madison Metro School District says it needs to cut $10.8 million to cover a deficit. This is after rewarding its unionized teachers and support staff with a 2.5% pay increase in the budget approved late last year.

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Is ‘Young & Gifted’ planning violence?

It appears that Young, Gifted and Black may be planning violent protests in response to what it presumes will be the district attorney’s decision not to prosecute the Madison police for the shooting death of Tony T. Robinson on March 6.

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When the referees don’t get it right, you still have to keep playing

We’re still on a hoops high here at the Stately Manor. The turning point of Saturday night’s already legendary game was Trey Lyles slapping our Josh Gasser upside the head and not even getting a foul call, much less a technical 1.

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