Applied Mindfulness

with Ed Maxwell


Bias cuts into the bottom line

A lack of diversity and inclusion initiatives not only increases costs but also decreases the potential for revenue growth.

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How to win together: What Google learned about successful teams

Over the past five years, Google conducted a deep dive into what makes the most effective teams. What they discovered will likely come as a surprise to many — psychological confidence is the key indicator of successful teams.

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Benefits of mindfulness, from an executive's perspective

Keith Ryniak, business director for agency strategy at American Family Insurance, recently shared how mindfulness has benefited him both professionally and personally so that other professionals might enjoy the same benefits.

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3 reasons business leaders need mindfulness

While mindfulness might seem soft or indulgent, it’s vital for leaders today. Practicing mindfulness provides exactly what’s needed to persevere and thrive in this global, 24/7, hyper-competitive business environment.

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How to ditch multitasking and get more done

“Men have become tools of their tools,” Thoreau wrote over a century ago, long before cell phones, laptops, and tablets flooded the workplace. If he were alive today he’d be shocked at how accurate he was.

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