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Nov 9, 201712:42 PMApplied Mindfulness

with Ed Maxwell

From marshmallows to mindfulness: How to achieve success through self-control

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Having more mindfulness strengthens our self-control when we need it the most. Exhaustion and just garden-variety fatigue diminish our ability to exert self-control. Participants in one study who practiced mindfulness maintained their self-control despite their weariness, while those who didn’t practice experienced a decline in self-control.

If a few minutes of mindfulness can give us more patience and self-control, it’s a few minutes well spent.

The most familiar version of mindfulness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), was developed in response to one of the most challenging things to control: chronic pain. MBSR strengthened self-regulation in the face of unrelenting agony in numerous studies.

While many of us may not have to deal with chronic pain, all of us confront situations that tax us and test our self-control every day. Let’s practice mindfulness to keep our patience and achieve our goals. We may even end up with more than two marshmallows.

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