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Jul 18, 201712:48 PMApplied Mindfulness

with Ed Maxwell

How to cut the costs of addiction

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Another study focused on young adults who both smoke and engage in binge drinking. Those who practiced mindfulness showed significant reductions in smoking and alcohol consumption compared to the control group. Increased awareness of one’s own actions and emotions, a main benefit of mindfulness, has been linked to reduced alcohol consumption.

Even with illicit drugs such as marijuana and crack cocaine, mindfulness has bested traditional methods of treatment among participants. People who were incarcerated and taught mindfulness had superior reductions in drug use compared with those who took more conventional treatments. After being released, the mindfulness practitioners also showed decreases in psychiatric symptoms.

Given the staggering costs of addiction and growing evidence of mindfulness’ efficacy, we would be wise to expand mindfulness as treatment. Businesses and other organizations can cut costs and improve society and families by offering mindfulness as a solution to those struggling with addiction. The return on such an investment would benefit all of us.  

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