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Is your manager a cat whisperer or a dirty dog?

Management is very much like cat whispering. Those best at herding cats are folks who (1) like and respect cats, (2) understand what motivates and/or distresses cats, (3) know where the cats need to go once they are rounded up, and (4) can authentically communicate points (1), (2), and (3) to each and every cat. So, just between us, let’s evaluate the managers in our lives and also our own attitudes toward our workplaces.

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Made in Dane: Shout-out to area manufacturers

Working in a factory is as American as apple pie. I once made Lawn Boy lawnmowers (Outboard Marine, Galesburg, Ill.) before going to college, so I do appreciate the fortitude it takes to do factory work. If I’d been the owner or foreman rather than the piece worker who was moved from station to station for breaking rates and refusing to “kitty” extra pieces, I’d still probably be employed in manufacturing. I love the smell of moving parts (eau d’ oil) and the factory environment, which is as fascinating to me as an underground ant tunnel. Watch one – it's addictive.

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It's a beautiful day in the (Pinterest) neighborhood

Are we friends? Did you write a book? Are you featured on my Pinterest bulletin board “Books Written by Friends”? A colleague recently referred to Pinterest as a “rabbit hole” that you fall into and then find an entire underground tunnel system to explore before surfacing.

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11-year-old mayor trades biz advice for dollhouse furniture

This being vacation week for many of us, my grandson Patrick, 11, is spelling me by writing a little blog on secrets for success in business in 2013. He already wrote a 30-page business plan for his own future enterprise and also authored and illustrated a children’s book series. Now he’s adding “business blogger” to his résumé.

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JGP will be “Open for Business” Tuesdays, hosting “After Hours” on Fridays

Santa has something special for you in his sack of goodies, though it won’t be delivered until January 2013. Then, will launch expanded Friday coverage with a second weekly ezine of original content. We’ll be moving some reader favorites into the Friday slot (like “After Hours” additional “Bring It On” editorials, “Professional of the Week” profiles, etc.) and we’ll be introducing some new business content to Tuesdays, including “Open for Business” – concise how-to business blogs – which I’ll be writing.

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